Naeem Thompson Is Matched With Chandra On Love Without Borders, Will The Couple Make It?

Love Without Borders contestant Naeem Thompson’s age is around 35 years old after having a career spanning over a decade now.

A social worker who works with middle school pupils, Thompson hails from a suburb of Houston. The communication from God, according to Thompson, asked him to re-examine his relationships with women, find a wife, and settle down” during a terrible COVID episode.

In order to find his girlfriend, he has therefore taken one of the most significant bets of his life, which has resulted in his pairing with Chandra Chugani. But the big question is if he is the one he has been looking forward to spending his life with her.

Naeem Thompson From ‘Love Without Borders’ Age Lies In the mid 30s

Naeem Thompson, who is prepared to change his ways as a bachelor and find the love of his life, is one of the people scheduled to appear on the show. While all of them have their ages revealed on the web, the viewers are curious to know how old this ‘tall dark and handsome’ is.

He started his career in 2010 as an elementary school teacher which says he was in his 20s at that time. Currently, in the show, Naeem Thompson’s age is around 35 years old.

The ‘Love Without Borders’ fame star received a bachelor’s degree in political science and African studies from Temple University. He then obtained a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, as a result.

After beginning his career as a youth counselor at the National Center for Children and Families in Washington, D.C., Thompson went on to teach elementary school at the Baltimore City Public School in 2010. His job as an instructor made him appreciate the need to address the social-emotional needs of young adults.

Naeem Thompson’s Job Is Not A Conventional One

The entirety of Naeem Thompson’s career has been devoted to assisting others in achieving their objectives. He is a clinical therapist and social worker who works with middle school children.

Naeem has devoted his professional life to supporting people in achieving their goals as a clinical therapist and social worker. When he first started his work as a teacher, he saw how crucial it was to fulfill students’ social and emotional needs in order to ensure their success. In order to be able to meet people’s needs holistically and improve communities, Thompson decided to pursue a career as a social worker.

His career has been in helping children, and young adults living in underdeveloped and resource-limited communities develop their social-emotional skills and comprehension.

After working as a teacher, he transitioned into social work and spent two years as a student-support counselor at Northwood High School before becoming a clinical therapist.

According to the Love Without Borders actor’s Bravo bio, he considers himself to be a big kid and hopes to have children of his own in the future. He claimed that after struggling to recover from COVID-19 in 2021 and having a difficult time, God had instructed him to reevaluate his view of women and get married.

Naeem Thompson Is Present On Instagram As @geminiguynaeem

With an Instagram account that is yet to boom, Thompson is present on Instagram as @geminiguynaeem. He has 237 followers and 500 plus following. His bio states, “Psychotherapist, EmotionCoach, Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend, Pizza, #believer.”

Further, you can see his latest post on the platform, where he is in an oxygen mask. This was the picture of him a year back when he got infected with Covid, and the caption says, “In case I never say it enough, I’m thankful for my mom and brother who stayed with me, all of my friends and family who prayed for me, and ALMIGHTY God for reaching me, teaching me and giving me another chance.” This was basically a Thanksgiving post.

Talking about his connection with his online connection Chandra, they are not following each other on social media anymore.