Ms Pat Comedian Net Worth :: Husband, Daughter, Book, Wiki – Podcast

Ms Pat Comedian Net Worth ($1 million): As per, Ms Pat’s net worth is $1 million. She has a successful career as a comedian. She surely enjoys a luxurious life with this net worth.

Ms Pat Comedian Podcast

Ms Pat is also a Podcast celebrity. She frequently appears with Marc Maron on a podcast named WTF. Ms Pat has her own podcast too. The name of her podcast is ‘THE PATDOWN WITH MSPAT’.

Ms Pat Comedian Wiki

Ms Pat has a dedicated wiki. But, there aren’t many details about her yet. She has a long way to go. Hopefully, Ms Pat will have a well-written Wikipedia later. Ms Pat is a famous comedian and author. The comedian also writes content for various TV series. Ms Pat started her career as a comedian after her marriage. Her husband encouraged and supported her. Firstly, she started telling jokes to welfare offices. Then, she realized her talent to make people laugh. Furthermore, Ms Pat showed her comedic talent officially in NBC’s ‘Last Comic Standing.’ People appreciated her talent. Then, she appeared in various standup comedy shows. She also worked in shows like ‘This Is Not Happening.’ Ms Pat appeared in Nickelodeons show ‘Mom’s Night Out’ as well. Since 2003, Ms Pat is ruling in the entertainment business. She also started traveling across the U.S in 2017. She tours with her comedy shows. Her tour is still ongoing in 2019. She has booked dates for 2020 too. In addition, she is ready to make appearances in films too.

Ms Pat Comedian Book (Rabbit)

Besides a comedian, Ms Pat is also an author. She wrote an autobiography named ‘Rabbit: An Autobiography by Ms. Pat’. Dey Street Books published the book. She released her book in 2017. Additionally, Ms Pat wrote about her early life struggles in the book. She talks about the sexual abuse she went through too. It’s an interesting book. Ms Pat’s street name was Rabbit a long time ago. People called her Rabbit after she became a drug dealer.

Ms Pat Comedian Daughter

The comedian has mentioned about her daughter during her standup comedy too. Ms Pat Comedian described her older kids as ‘Medicaid kids’. And, the younger ones as ‘Blue Cross/Blue Shield kids’. Ms Pat gave birth to her first child at the age of 14. At the age of 15, she became the mother of two children. Ms Pat had these children with her boyfriend. Later, she married Garett. Then, the duo gave birth to two children. The name of her two younger children is mentioned above. Additionally, Ms Pat also adopted two children from her sister. Her sister struggled with drug abuse at that time. Currently, Ms Pat lives with her three kids and husband in Indianapolis.

Ms Pat Husband (Garett)

Ms Pat is currently married to husband Garett. The full name of her husband isn’t available on the media outlets. Ms Pat’s husband is a machinist by profession. Additionally, the couple shares two biological children. Their children’s name is Garrianna (19) and Garrett Jr. (17).