Monte Massongill From Big Brother Net Worth, What’s His Profession?

The famous Hollywood actor Monte Massongill has an estimated net worth of $1 Million.

Monte Massongill was born on 1991 December 13, and his hometown is Olive Branch, Mississippi. He is also an engineer associate and is winning hearts with his presence on Big Brother Over the Top.

According to Massongill, he relates to everyone in the game. Moreover, he believes that he should play dumb when he has to and do some deep thinking rest of the time. “It is difficult to trust people on the game,” he says. Furthermore, his favorite player is past BB12 winner Hayden, and his least favorite is BB12’s Enzo.

Monte was one of the least experienced people in the house. He stated that he went there with his eyes wide open, trying to figure out what he was required to do in the show. Moreover, he also wished that he should have prepared himself a little before entering the show because it was utterly overwhelming. However, he is also happy that instead of just loafing around, he made some big moves and let people know in the house about his worth.

Quick Facts on Monte Massongill

Full name Monte Massongill
Date of Birth December 13, 1991
Place of birth Olive Branch, Mississippi
Age 30 years
Profession Engineer Associate and Actor
Marital status Married
Instagram @monte_jr5
Twitter @MonteJr5
Net worth Around $1 million

Monte Massongill Net Worth

The TV Personality Monte Massongill has an estimated net worth of $1 million, according to

The actor has been featured in Tv series called Ex on the Beach, which became very popular. He is also known for his appearance in another TV series named Big Brother Over The Top. Fans can also see the actor performing on yet another Tv series, TMZ on Tv, about the hosts of a million-dollar Television show reporting the newest Hollywood gossip.

Most of the actor’s series are available on Prime Video, VUDU, Vudu Movie, and Tv Store or Apple Tv. The actor’s Ex On The Beach is the American version of the British reality Television show, which has the same name.

In the show, single men and women join for a summer holiday in paradise while they look for love. However, they get hooked by their exes, and that shakes the entire thing up. Each of their exes is there either for revenge or to rekindle their affair with the ex-partner.

Meanwhile, the other show, Big Brother Over the Top, contains several contestants referred to as house guests. The contestants do not have any contact from the outside or the rest of the world. Every week, the house guests are asked to participate in several challenges, determining who will win the food, luxuries, and power inside the house.

Monte Massongill Instagram and facebook

Monte Massongill is available on Instagram under the username called @monte_jr5. However, he has kept his account private.

The actor has 10.8k followers on Instagram. He has shared 158 posts altogether. His Instagram bio states that he loves mountains immensely. Moreover, he has also shared about him being a drummer. Massongill loves fitness and regards himself to be an Outdoorsman and godfearing.

Moreover, Maasongill also has a Facebook page with the username Monte Andrew Massongill Jr. He has 204 followers. He is not much active on social media, his follower count is not that many. His latest post on Facebook was on May 4, 202o, when he shared a picture of himself fishing outdoors.

Most of his posts are about traveling, fishing, and hiking. Moreover, he has also shared his fitness journey, which can be an inspiration to many people. He seems to be a complete fitness freak, similar to Monte Taylor, another Big Brother contestant.

Monte Massongill Partner

Monte Massongill is married to a partner whose name and details are kept hidden.

He has shared pictures with his wife on his official Twitter handle, which probably means he is married. However, more information, including his wife’s name, has not been mentioned.

Massongill must have introduced his wife to his fans through his Instagram handle since his profile picture contains her too. However, since he has kept his profile private, it’s not an easy task to figure out who he is married to.

Moreover, the actor also has a son, probably 1-2 years old. He has also shared pictures of his son him. The couple seems to travel a lot along with the baby. He had posted a wonderful picture holding his son in a beautiful place with the river in the front and mountains rising on top.

Some FAQs

How old is Monte Massongill?

Monte Massongill was born in 1991 and his age is 30 years.

What is the net worth of Monte Massongill?

Monte Massongill has an estimated net worth of about $1 Million

Where does Monte Massongill belong?

Monte Massongill belongs to Olive Branch, Mississippi

What is the profession of Monte Massongill?

Monte Massongill is an actor, and also an engineering associate