Moistcritikal And Girlfriend Tiana Tracy Are Together Since 2016

Moistcritikal and his girlfriend Tiana Tracy have been dating since 2016. The Twitch streamer Moistcritikal real name is Charles Xavier Jr.

Moistcritikal is better known for being the funniest YouTube gamer and commentator. He has a YouTube channel titled Penguinz0, which has 11.5 million subscribers as of October 2022.

He often posts commentary videos on YouTube and live streams on Twitch. His gaming content has grabbed netizens’ attention from the very beginning. His fascinating content is separable from his monotone voice and comedic commentary.

He is a co-founder and co-owner of the Esports organization Moist Esports, established in August 2021, and also started a duo band called the Gentle Men along with Troy McKubre in 2019.

They released a single that same year and eventually dropped an album titled The Evolution of Tears in September 2021. The wealthiest and top-ranked YouTuber, Moist Critical, earned immense success, wealth, and recognition through his work.

Moistcritikal Girlfriend Tiana Tracy Is A Photographer

Moistcritikal introduced his girlfriend Tiana Tracy through his Instagram post.

Moistcritikal YouTube channel has accumulated 6 billion views overall and over 11.5 million subscribers. His video received more than one million views from viewers just in a day.

For instance, he uploaded a video titled Big News on the Horrible TwitchCon Injury, which has already garnered 1 million views on October 16, 2022. It’s not even 24 hours.

Likewise, his Twitch channel has gained over 4.3 million followers and over 59.3 million views.

Moistcritikal was born on August 2, 1994, making him 28 years old as of 2022.

At age 12, he started making content on his old channels in 2006. His content evolution after thriving for many years and popularity over all these years might give you goosebumps.

He began his career on YouTube, sharing music and anime music videos.

He donated most of his income to charity in 2012. He uploaded a video expressing his gratitude to his one-million-subscriber, revealing his milestone journey on YouTube.

Moistcritikal And Tiana Tracy Dating Life And Relationship

Tiana Tracy is a trained and certified veterinarian and an occasional photographer. She is a social media influencer since her fan following is increasing daily.

Tracy has added another page, @capturingouttails on her IG bio.

Her bio reveals she is an animal lover. Mostly, her IG feeds are covered with her adoring cat and two dogs, Lo (kitty) and Tetra (the mix) and Cayda (husky), respectively.

She was born on November 9 in the US. She is in her mid-twenties by looking at her photos.

Tiana went to Instagram with a lengthy caption to announce her graduation by sharing a few snaps on social media. In 2020, she received a degree in veterinary technology from Hillsborough Community College.

Sports Keeda reported that the actual net worth of Moistcritikal is estimated to be over $12 million as of 2022. As a founder of the Moist Esports organization and member of the duo band, his yearly income is more than we expect.

He is featured in many other podcasts as a guest. He has dubbed his voice in numerous games and is the co-founder of his content creator management group, Human Media Group.

Charles sells his self-merchandise products online, from where he earns more than $500k.

From Twitch, Moistcritikal has an estimated income is around $50k per month. As of YouTube, Cr1TiKal makes $260k per month from YouTube as the payments system of YouTube depends on views and subscribers.

He is sponsored by successful companies such as World of Tanks Blitz, Honey, Amazon Music, Current, MeUndies, FitBod, and others.