Michel Roux Jr. Net Worth

Michel Albert Roux, formerly known as Michel Roux Jr., is an English-French two Michelin starred chef.

Having served his apprenticeship and training mainly away from the Roux brothers’ British business empire, he joined his uncle at the Waterside Inn, in Bray, Berkshire in 1985, before working with his father at Le Gavroche from the April of the same year.

Roux Jr. then worked in and managed the Roux brothers catering business for three years, before returning to Le Gavroche in 1990, the year the two brothers split their business down family lines.

When his father retired in 1993, Roux Jr. took over the world-famous restaurant.

Roux Jr. is a food consultant to the Walbrook club since 2003, and he also consults for the fine dining providers Restaurant Associates.

Roux Jr. is an accomplished author and has written several books, including;

  1. Le Gavroche Cookbook;
  2. The Marathon Chef; and
  3. Matching Food and Wine, which was named the best book on matching wine and food at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Roux Jr. owns the London restaurant Le Gavroche and has an estimated net worth of $85 million, according to celebrity sites.