Michael Strahan Weight Loss Explained: Is He Sick? Health Update

What is the mystery behind Michael Strahan Weight Loss? Learn about his health and fitness.

Michael Strahan currently works as a TV host of ‘Good Morning America’ on the ABC Network. He also was a former player in the NFL and played his entire career with the New York Giants from 1993-2007.

There were rumors about his weight loss due to his illness. We have presented the latest update on his health along with the news confirming his fixed teeth gap.

Michael Strahan- An Incident that motivated him to Weight Loss

The TV host Michael Strahan shares an incident from his childhood days. His brother teased him for being overweight and embarrassed when he called him BOB, which meant Booty on Back.

It was then he decided to stay fit and in shape. He doesn’t get embarrassed any more for being fat because the former NFL player hits the gym regularly and has an impressive physique.

The former player finds him in the same weight as he used to be during his active career. He revealed his weight was 247 pounds but also mentioned it going up to 252 pounds when he was not working out for a few weeks.

He got recently featured on the cover page of Men’s Fitness Magzine as of September. No matter the player retired back in 2007 but still looks fit to be playing in the NFL.

Michael Strahan was sick from contracting COVID- Health Update 2021

Michael Strahan has successfully recovered after contracting COVID earlier this year in January. He had made the news official from his social media handle and ensured his fans that he was recovering but needed rest for a few days.

He described the feeling of being quarantined as something he would never want to experience again in his life. The former NFL player had thanked all his fans who wished him for his speedy recovery and the doctors for their excellent treatment.

He is already back at work and has no health issues after that. However, he strictly follows the COVID protocol and does not forget to wear his mask while going out in the mass.

Did Michael Strahan fix his Teeth Gap?

No, the NFL Hall of Fame Michael Strahan has still not fixed his teeth gap. He describes it as his trademark and wishes to keep it as it is and will not be undergoing treatment anytime soon.

He had claimed to have fixed his teeth gap earlier in April. However, it turned out to be an April Fool prank while his fans were excited to see the former athlete in his new looks.