Michael Cohen Net Worth

Michael Cohen is a disbarred American lawyer with a net worth of -$1 million. He is best known as Donald Trump’s former personal attorney.

He was also an attorney for The Trump Organization for many years. He was previously a partner at Phillips Nizer. Michael Cohen earned $1 million per year as a lawyer for the Trump organization.

Cohen’s paper net worth once surpassed $100 million as a result of his ownership stake in more than 200 New York City taxi medallions.

Cohen paid $1.5 million for a 30% stake in a Florida riverboat casino in 2003. After only a few months, that casino went bankrupt, sparking more than 25 lawsuits from creditors.

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Cohen allegedly paid $58 million for a $58 million apartment building on New York City’s Upper East Side in 2015.

His family members are also said to own 12 apartments in Trump buildings across the country. Michael and his wife own a $9 million Trump Park Avenue penthouse.

He is said to owe the IRS at least $1.4 million. Cohen and his wife claimed a net worth of $40 million in their 2016 loan application.