Melissa Heholt – Biography, Family, Facts About Cole’s Wife

Melissa Heholt is popular for the relationship she shares with one of the most talented rappers to grace the world with his presence; This rapper is none other than Jermaine Cole, popularly known as J-Cole. She was the subject of many of his songs and the couple was together for a very long time, this is the life of Melissa Heholt.

Melissa Heholt Bio

Melissa Heholt was born on the 10th of October 1987. Melissa is believed to have attended private school, Archbishop Molloy High School for high school. However, since she has found a way to maintain some level of privacy in her life, this information is not verified.

What is certain, however, is that she attends St. John’s University in New York and it was here that she met her husband, Jermaine Cole. While at St. Johns her first choice was to study education. However, she was held back by the low income that a career in education was bound to bring and decided to pursue a business course. She changed her mind while studying this course, but decided to study health administration instead of training.

After her time at university, she tried to get certain jobs but found they weren’t as fulfilling as she wanted until she stumbled across event planning. This was something she delved into as a hobby, but once she made some money from it, she was hooked. There’s no better way to make money than doing something you love, and to this day she still does.

In 2014 she created her own event planning company called Statice Events and since that time she has been helping family and friends create and plan events to suit her tastes and desires. When planning a customer event, Melissa Heholt was told that she runs a very inclusive business in the sense that the customer is involved in the entire process and doesn’t feel left out of the planning process.


Melissa Heholt is her parents’ first child. There is not much information about the nature of her childhood or her family. However, she is known to have spent most of her childhood in New Jersey and has three younger siblings.

Married to J Cole

Jermaine Lamar Cole is a very private man who has found a way of keeping very personal details of his life from the public and his fans. But in his music, some of those details flow into his lyrics. From his songs, his fans knew his love life and the struggles he faces despite the many temptations that befall a person in the entertainment industry.

J-Cole and Melissa met at St. John’s University where he was studying communications and economics. They had been together for almost a decade before getting married. It is not certain when exactly they got married as it was a very private ceremony.

Information about their marriage only became public in 2016 during an interview with the acclaimed director of the Black Panther film, Ryan Coogler, he revealed that he was already married. The reveal was a mistake by Coogler, and J-Cole was pretty cool about it.

They have one child together, a son. For a long time, fans of the rapper mistook his child for a girl, until he revealed in an interview that his child is actually a boy.

Facts about Melissa Heholt

  • She is executive director of the Dreamville Foundation, which was founded by her husband in 2011. The Foundation aims to help young people reach their true potential.
  • Melissa Heholt found her way back to college by earning a Masters in Education.
  • She has worked as a teacher, but when she found out about the low wages that the job entails, she decided to choose a job that pays more.
  • This woman is also a lover of good food and tries to try a new cuisine as often as possible.
  • Heholt recently announced that she has a new interest in floral designs and this is why she is apprenticed at Makini Regal Designs.