Meet Maya Buckets From Tiktok, Viral Internet Celebrity Is What Everyone’s Talking About

Maya Buckets is a social media influencer who has sparked intense controversy among her followers ever since she posted content with some photographs that quickly became popular on social networking sites. As soon as her followers learned about the content, their passionate comments made headlines.

The teenager got fame quite early on in life but her Internet trolls are giving her an extremely hard time.

Meet Maya Buckets From Tiktok

Maya Buckets is a TikTok celebrity who recently got into a controversy after some of her inappropriate videos got viral on the Internet. She is very popular on the platform, but she deleted all the videos after the unfortunate incident.

With 113k followers on the platform, her username is @iluvmaya2, and she has over 1.8k likes. As the likes can still be seen on her profile, we can say that the videos are made private and not deleted.

She is from New Jersey and is currently 19 years old, according to her TikTok bio. However, as she has hidden all the content related to her, it is quite difficult to find out more information about her. Reddit and Twitter are filled with people passing comments on her and the alleged video. She has currently refrained from addressing the issue.

Maya Buckets Real Name On Instagram Bio

Maya Buckets’ real name is Maya, and she uses no other names online. Her fans were quite curious to know her identity thinking the Internet one to be her stage name. But it has been reported that it is very much her official name.

Further, she is not present on Instagram with over 28k followers, but after the controversy, she deleted the account. You can no longer access it. This shows that the performer is deeply affected by whatever happened and does not want the videos to spread further.

The ridiculous comments people are passing over are certainly giving her a lot of stress, and she has chosen to stay out of the media attention for a bit. She was present as @mayabuckets and had four posts on them. Her Insa bio cannot be viewed now as the account cannot be accessed anymore.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and no social media has spared her. Her videos are selling like hot cakes, and it is quite disheartening to know that a teenager is deeply affected by her online trolls.