Meet Arthur Nery Girlfriend Alyssa Cusilit – Are They Engaged? Age Difference Revealed

Arthur Nery is a professional single and he is rumored to be dating Alyssa Cusilit. Let us dig deeper into the article and explore their personal details and if they are engaged with each other.

Take All the Love was not the first piece by Arthur in which he drew inspiration from real-life events, and it certainly won’t be the last. He claims that the majority of his songs have elements that he is able to identify with, however, others of his songs are merely imaginary and consist of straightforward storytelling.

During the time that he is establishing himself as a major player in the mainstream music field, Arthur plans to promote his hometown of Cagayan De Oro as well as the local musicians who hail from there.

Who Is Arthur Nery Girlfriend Alyssa? Are They Engaged?

Alyssa Cusilit, who has a significant following on both Tiktok and Instagram accounts, is Arthur Nery’s girlfriend. They have not disclosed any additional information regarding their engagement or wedding dates to anyone. As a result, we do not know whether or not they are engaged. On the other hand, they are currently in a relationship with one another and are not exactly coy about their romantic status.

Believe it or not, Arthur Nery does not want his music to be perceived as sexual in any way, despite the fact that it is attracting a lot of attention. The artist responsible for the hits “Higa and Binhi” and “Ready for the Bedroom” is taken aback by the description of his type of neo-soul and R&B music but is unfazed by it.

Arthur revealed that he wants the music he creates to be the kind of music that people listen to when they go home after a wild night of partying to do things like relax, mellow out, and sleep, among other things.

His songs are unabashedly about love, and he wrote them at points in his life when he was either over heels in love or suffering through a painful breakup.

Arthur Nery And Alyssa Cusilit Age Difference: Her Instagram Bio

We are unable to accurately determine Arthur’s age at this time. However, Alyssa is currently 21 years old, and we can reasonably presume that Arthur is still in his early 20s, and the two of them do not have a significant age gap between them. Alyssa can be seen posting pictures and videos to Instagram.

The majority of music listeners learned about Arthur for the first time when he released his debut album in 2019, titled Letters Never Sent. This album featured Higa, Arthur’s first legitimate success, which continues to top the charts on Spotify and other platforms. This song has now spent seven consecutive weeks at the top of the OPM Favourites playlist, where it currently sits at position No. 1.

Arthur acknowledged that he has a long way to go before he is satisfied with his musical direction. Nobody knows if he’ll keep his trademark laid-back feel or if he’ll make some drastic adjustments. There is no doubt about the fact that each day for him has been filled with new educational opportunities.

In addition to already being in the process of creating his third studio album, Arthur is getting ready to record his second studio collection. In addition to that, he has plans to release songs that were composed in the Cebuano language.