Max Fosh Chappell Piano During Treasure Hunt, Reddit and Twitter Reacts

Max Fosh is an English comedian and former radio host. Max used to work for Radio Tyneside, a hospital radio station before he launched his YouTube channel.

His channel was first devoted to a web series in which he conducted interviews with college students and bystanders, but he later changed the name as he expanded into other series and content.

He started publishing videos to his YouTube channel at Newcastle University in 2017, uploading the first episode of his StreetSmart series.

Watch: Max Fosh Chappell Piano During Treasure Hunt 

The piano clue song from Max Fosh’s treasure hunt has become very popular online. On his YouTube channel, Max has published a lot of videos on treasure hunts.

He hides the money and offers a challenge to find it in his video about a treasure hunt. He has composed a piano clue song that has become popular for his money-hidden treasure quest. 

The poem is “Dark of the night so deep and black, Pools of light on a lone old track, What trashing wind speaks through the trees, Two, not one, is what you need.”

He just posted a video of a diamond treasure hunt, along with a piano clue. The diamond fish worth $100,000 is the next treasure hunt.

Max came up with the concept while he was still working in radio, wanted to present, and wanted to move into TV and video. Newcastle University produced a series of interviews with people having a good time called “Bigg Market Banter.”

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Twitter And Reddit React On Max Fosh Video

Many Twitter and Reddit users are talking about the Max Fosh diamond fish treasure hunt video since it has become popular.

He has also produced a piano poem song that contains clues for the diamond fish treasure quest. For the treasure hunt, Max has invested a sizable sum of money.

More people are tweeting and interacting on this topic. Max performed his stand-up comedy performance, Zocial Butterfly, on a national tour from October 1 through November 16, 2021, with the tour’s finale at the Clapham Grand.

Fosh declared his candidacy for mayor of London in the March 2021 election. This prompted the creation of a YouTube series in which Fosh challenges fellow Old Harrovian and actor Laurence Fox to a duel.

Max Fosh Net Worth

Max Fosh has a net worth of $885,000 according to Statsmash.

Max Fosh, a YouTuber with 1.33msubscribers, stated that he beat Tesla CEO Elon Musk in terms of wealth for seven whole minutes, having a net worth almost twice as large.

After founding a business called “unlimited money limited,” the British man claimed on YouTube that he had become the “world’s richest man for seven minutes.”

Max Fosh formed the business online under the name Unlimited Money Limited, and in the field asking what the company would be doing, he typed “earning money.” He was prompted by an error message to select the company’s business activity.

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