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Matthew Timmons is an American actor and writer best known for playing Woody Fink in Disney’s hit TV series The Suite Life On Deck and its TV movies. Since the series ended in 2011, Matt has only made one or two appearances, including one on Suite Life co-star Jessie’s show and another on an episode of Hawaii Five-0 in 2014.

Other than that, he’s been very quiet about Matt, however, continues to feed his fans with his comedic side via social media, while sharing images of his scorching and transformed body. Matt is a far cry from that big, nerdy, nerdy guy from Suite Life, he grew up! Even Matt himself is surprised at his drastic transformation…

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Matthew Timmons was born on January 14, 1993 in Burbank, California. He is the youngest of three children born to a father of English descent and a mother of Cuban descent. He has a brother and a sister named Christie.

In his early teens, Matt was very fat and weighed over 70 kg at one point, which greatly worried his parents.

Although Matt was very embarrassed by his weight, he was able to draw confidence from his clumsy side. His passion for acting helped him overcome his shyness and start performing in front of people.

Matt’s heft and comedic abilities landed him the role of Woody Fink in the television series Suite Life On Deck. In the series, Woody attended the same school as Zack and Cody, both cooler than him. As he once described in his Instagram bio, “I was that gruesome kid on that one boat. I got seasick.

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Matt reprized the role in “The Suite Life Movie” (2011). Timmons hasn’t had a major role since then and fans can’t wait to see him in a role where his hot new body would serve him well! Fingers crossed until then…

Matthew Timmons Weight Loss, Body Net Worth

No doubt, Matt’s fat body makes his Woody Fink role even funnier. Do you remember when he made music with his fart? lol! However, after Suite Life, Matty thought it was time to look like his cooler colleagues, Zack and Cody, so he hit the gym. And my! did his fitness instructor do a good job or what?

Her transformation photos took the internet by storm and we bet even Jonah Hill was impressed.

“After the gym, I feel as strong as Charlie Sheens liver!” Said Matt once.

Height: Matt is 1.75m tall and 5ft 9in tall.

Matthew Timmons Girlfriend

Although a frequent Tweeter and Instagrammer, Timmons gives little to nothing when it comes to her romantic life. Interestingly, Timmons still keeps in touch with his Suite Life On Deck girlfriend Addison (Rachael Kathryn Bell), as evidenced by his handful of snaps on his Instagram page. However, it’s unclear if the pair are dating in real life.

The couple nicknamed Woodison got together sometime in April 2017 and Matt did well to share a photo to delight fans. Rachael is also grown now… Matt captioned the photo; “…Proof Woody & Addison were Disney’s hottest couple…let’s be honest…”