Markwayne Mullin Wife Christie Mullin – How Many Kids Do They Have?

Who is Christie Rowan? She is the dearest wife of an American politician and mother of five children.

Christie Rowan Mullin is not a very famous personality and has only gained fame for being the wife of Mark Wayne Mullins.

Who Is Christie Rowan? Markwayne Mullin Wife

Christie Rowan, as mentioned above, is the wife of Markwayne Mullin.

Though she is not a very popular or sensational personality, she has gained huge fame since the year 1997 after getting married.

She is very private when it comes to her personal life as the politician’s spouse has not given any information about herself on the internet until now.

Talking about her husband, Markwayne is a former mixed martial arts fighter who is currently serving as a politician in America.

Talking about his political position, he is the US Representative for Oklahoma’s 2nd congressional district since 2013.

Christie Mullin Age Discovered

Mullin’s age has not been disclosed on the internet until now.

However, looking at her she seems to be younger than her husband and Markwayne is currently 44 years old. Therefore, we can say that Christie is somewhere in her thirties.

Christie’s childhood stories have not been revealed by the celebrity spouse yet which makes the world completely unknown from her early life.

Meet Christie Mullin Sons And Children

Talking about Mullin’s children, she has two sons and three daughters.

Christie and Makwayne are the parents of Ivy Mullin, Lynette Mullin, Jim Mullin, Andrew Mullin, and Lara Mullin.

All her children are very young and very much loved by their father and mother. Moreover, we can also see a lot of their pictures on Makwayne’s Instagram profile.

Christie does not have her presence on social but her husband has an Instagram account as @markwaynemullin, which is followed by 12.3 thousand people.

Christie Mullin Wikipedia Bio

Mullin does not have a Wikipedia bio on her name yet.

As she is very much private about her personal life and nothing about Christie has been in the limelight until now, it is not possible for her to have a bio on Wikipedia.

However, her husband, Makwayne’s biography can certainly be read on Wikipedia, which says that he graduated from Stilwell High School in Stilwell, Oklahoma.

His business career started when he took over his family business after his father fell ill when Mullin was just 20 years old.

Christie has not even talked about her net worth but her husband is the owner of $3.5 million.