Margot Robbie Wants Harley Quinn Romance with Poison Ivy: ‘I Have Been Pushing for That for Years’

Margot Robbie is prepared for a Harley Quinn/Toxic substance Ivy sentiment to bloom. The Babylon entertainer, who has now depicted the notorious lowlife Harley Quinn in three movies (Self destruction Crew, Flying predators and The Self destruction Crew), needs the characters’ sentiment to move from the page — and the Harley Quinn enlivened series — to the big screen.

“I have been pushing for that for a really long time,” Robbie, 32, told in another meeting. “I can’t let you know how hard I’ve been pushing for that.”

Whenever entrusted with filling Ivy’s green shoes in a true to life transformation herself, Robbie said she doesn’t have anybody explicit as a primary concern: “Truly, when I envisioned [it], I generally picture, similar to, Toxin Ivy in the comics.” “I don’t actually really picture an entertainer making it happen,” she went on of the job, which was recently played by Uma Thurman on the big screen in 1997’s Batman and Robin. “However, I concur, that sounds so great, really.”

Meanwhile, Woman Crazy is getting ready to step into Harley’s perspective for 2024’s Joker: Folie A Deux close by Joaquin Phoenix, which Robbie said she is “so blissful” about.

“I said all along is all I need is for Harley Quinn to be one of those characters the manner in which like Macbeth or Batman generally gets passed, you know, from extraordinary entertainer to extraordinary entertainer,” she told MTV News recently. “It’s similar to somebody will do their Batman, or somebody will do their Macbeth,” Robbie proceeded.

“It’s such a distinction to have fabricated an establishment sufficient that Harley can now be one of those characters that different entertainers get to have a go at playing.”

“What’s more, I figure she’ll accomplish something extraordinary with it,” the double cross Oscar chosen one added of Crazy, 36. Considering that Crazy and Robbie’s Harleys are not set in a similar universe, Robbie has likewise said that she isn’t simply open to playing the eccentric lawbreaker once more yet is “prepared” to get back the latest relevant point of interest.

“I’ve had a sufficient break,” Robbie told Diversion This evening in August 2021. “I’m prepared to rehash her.”

“I did Flying predators and The Self destruction Crew one after the other, so that was a ton of Harley all in a one-year time span,” she said. “In any case, that was some time prior at this point.”

Added Robbie, who will be back on the big screen in the nominal job of Greta Gerwig’s surprisingly realistic Barbie one year from now, “I’m consistently prepared for more Harley.”