Lowri Turner Eye and Plastic Surgery – Husband Nicole Batra and Twins

Lowri Turner eye and plastic surgery rumors have always been a topic of interest among the netizens. Get to know more about her. 

Netizens are talking about her as she joined Jeremy Vine in the recent episode with Benjamin Butter.

Lowri Turner Eye and Plastic Surgery

Lowri Turner has not commented on her eye and plastic surgery matter despite all the rumors and speculations. She is a British journalist, a nutritionist, and a television personality.

She previously worked as a fashion journalist and a TV presenter. But now, she is known as a private nutritional therapist and clinical hypnotherapist.

She often managed to get into headlines because of her statements and rumors about plastic surgery. She has not clarified the airs yet, but some netizens comment on her looks and express their curiosity.

The rumors began when Dan Lepard shared an old photo with her and Gregg Wallace. Cyberians say that she looks completely different, which gave fire to the surgery issue related to her.

However, since she has not confirmed it yet, we can only assume that she has not conducted any eye and plastic surgery on herself.

Find Out Information On Lowri Turner Husband Nicol Batra

Lowri Turner had a husband named Nicol Batra. He was the second husband, but she has already divorced him as well.

She was previously married to Paul Connew with whom she had two children. After getting out of the first marriage, she got married to an Indian physician Nicol Batra; with him she had a daughter.

Her Wikipedia page says that she has separated her ways with him as well. Besides, there is no specific information about her dating or marriage history.

Additionally, there are no details available about Nicol on the Internet.

Does Lowri Turner Have Twins?

As per the announcement she made on The Wright Stuff in 2014, she is supposed to have twins. However, in one of the morning chat how in The Wright Stuff in 2017, she talked about canceling Christmas for her three children, which left the public confused, as claimed by Mirro Uk.

There were many speculations on why she said so. Some said if it was false memory or she was just a surrogate to someone. Some also prayed that they hoped there was not any kind of incident.

Despite being the talk of the town, she did not clarify what it was, nor anyone else in the show did. Thus, we are unsure if she actually had twins or not. But, it is quite sure that she did announce that she was having twins- even on her twitter.