‘Love Is Wicked, Men Will Show You Sege’ – Yul Edochie’s Daughter, Danielle

Nollywood Entertainer Yul Edochie’s most memorable kid and just little girl, Danielle Edochie, has expressed love is devilish.

The celebrity’s 17-year-old youngster who’s now in college in a TikTok video endeavored to portray how devilish people could be recommending individuals die to start life isolated.

In the video, she should have been visible moving vigorously to Block and Ribbon’s 2007 hit: “Love is devilish”, in her room.

The video’s engraving peruses: “Only an update that men will show you shege, ladies will show you shege, the in the middle between will show you shege so book a trip to neptune and begin a family there without anyone else.

Daniella added: “Not this tune (alluding to Block and Trim’s ‘Adoration is Insidious’) moving again haha.” It is no longer news that Yul Edochie impregnated and later wedded his partner, Judy Austin regardless of having four wonderful children with his most memorable spouse, May Edochie (Danielle’s mom).

From that point forward, he has been in constant disagreement with his most memorable spouse who said she can’t be compelled to acknowledge polygamy.