Lottie Tomlinson children: Meet Lottie Tomlinson’s son Lucky Burton

Lucky Burton is the son of English model and makeup artist, Lottie Tomlinson.

Lucky Burton age

How old is Lucky Burton? What is Lucky Burton’s age? Lucky Burton is 6 months old.

Lucky Burton date of birth

When was Lucky Burton born? What is Lucky Burton’s date of birth? Lucky Burton was born in August 2022.

Lucky Burton father

Who is Lucky Burton’s father? Who was Lucky Burton born to? Lucky Burton was born to former tennis player and model, Lewis Steven Burton.

Lucky Burton childbirth

What did Lucky Burton say about childbirth? Lucky Burton shared a post on Instagram along with a photo of herself stating how proud she is of her body.

3 months postpartum… it’s so easy to edit photos an act like our bodies are perfect on Instagram but what’s the point. This body grew my baby, birthed my baby and fed my baby, I’m proud of my body! It can be so hard when you don’t recognize your body or it doesn’t look like it used to, but I’m trying to embrace it and be real, this is me,” she wrote in the post.