Lizzy Johnson Suleman | Apostle Johnson Suleman Wife, Age Gap And Children

Nigerian televangelist Apostle Johnson Suleman, the husband of Lizzy Johnson Suleman, slammed the police for assassinating the contained prime suspect.

Indeed, the president of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide was not too happy when a gunman attacked his convoy while he was returning from a foreign trip. Police Public Relations Officer Chidi Nwabuzor reported that the altercations ended with the demises of six persons, including policemen, two Suleman’s drivers, and one female domestic worker.

The internet filled with the bodies of those who lost their lives as people asked why his life was the most precious to go unscathed. His bulletproof vehicle saved his life while his security was left to rot in the ground.

Meanwhile, the authorities searched relentlessly for the assailants as they held kidnappers in custody on Friday.

He is adamant that there was an attempt to cover up the situation, as the one who passed away that night was nothing but a scapegoat for the one who committed the deed.

Later, he twitted that the people in custody were not the real kidnappers as Suleman’s lawyer, Samuel Immune, demanded a thorough investigation into the case.

Quick Info:

Name Johnson Suleman
Born March 24, 1971
Age 51 years
Spouse Lizzy Johnson Suleman (m. 2004)
Children Divine Johnson-Suleman

Who Is Apostle Johnson Suleman Wife Lizzy Johnson Suleman? Their Age Gap

Kano, Nigeria, born Lizzy Johnson Suleman, is the wife of Apostle Johnson Suleman. As her age has not been made public, we can not estimate what would be their age gap.

The beautiful lady born in February is a force of nature and got her doctorate in 2014 to aid her husband.

As a child, she got interested in teaching and nurtured a passion for education. She used to attend Auchi Polytechnic and even earned a degree in mass communication after marriage.

Later, she joined the National Teacher’s Institute and got a level II grade teacher certification. She shares the sentiment of spreading positivity like her husband. During her time at the National Youth Service Scheme, she led a quest to bring more people into the teaching sector as she stood shoulder to shoulder with her spouse and became an integral member of the Teacher’s Registration Council Of Nigeria.

While her academics have always remained strong, she got ordained as a member of the Omega Fire Ministery International Chart and has been speaking the gospel. Her primary focus is helping widows, the disabled, and the less privileged, as she has changed lives through her work with her partner.

They got married around 2014, are there their invitation cared as made public knowledge.

Indeed, their seventeen years of marriage have stood the test of time, as the couple got plagued by illegitimate allegations, with women accusing him of extramarital affairs.

But his wife is not one to get swayed by the words as they still stayed a team, turning a deaf ear to their words. The singer and businesswoman have outright declared that they were hoping to capitalize on her spouse’s generosity and dismissed them as fake rumors.

Moreover, people recognized her as a successful author when she penned some interesting Christian literary works like the Pastoring the pastor, The New Anointing, How To IgniteYour Husbands Love, and The Power To Overcome, to name a few.

Meet Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Children

Hugely popular Nigerian televangelist Apostle Johnson Suleman has a few children as he has been with this partner for seventeen years.

The couple is parents to six kids, five beautiful girls and a boy. Their names are eccentric, like God’s favor, Divine, Love, Mirabel, Ebenezer, and Excel.

The 51-year-old father is a recognized member of the Nigerian commuting as he got his beginning on March 24, 1971, in Edo State, Nigeria. Growing up as the son of a business mogul and the current APC leader, Imoudu Sule, he had an upper-income upbringing.

His dad followed Islam, but Johnson did not resonate with their teachings. The family knew their young son was destined for greatness when the Visionaries came from Warri to Benin only to relay the message that he got prophesized to be the next minister in God’s presence.

Their different beliefs restricted the parents from freeing their child from his destined path, and they refused to share the incident. But they later realized that they could not change the threads of fate when they observed him being strange.

Indeed, he had a soft spot for God and told his father he did not enjoy going to the Mosque. Something was amiss as he could not pinpoint the rebellion on his soul.

During his secondary years, he came across his predetermined path but hesitated from the pressure from his ancestors.

After returning to Benin, he finally reconnected with his repressed thoughts as he moved out with the brethren for evangelism and prayers.

Eventually, he walked the unknown path and allowed his followers to join him.

During this time, he resonated with the words of the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, as he had greatly influenced his life in his early days. His lectures changed his mentality for the better and shaped him to become he is today.

But he has yet to adopt the ways of his predecessor Pastor Adeboye as he does not care about his words. In early 1990, he was still under the shelter of his father and quietly spread his messages in minor areas. He came across a program by Pastor Adeboye as he knelt to pray.

Initially, he got enraged by the blatant disrespect, calling him a madman in his heart. By the end of the ceremony, he had realized late Pastor Enoch Adeboye was his spiritual father and was proud of his following his light.

How Much Is Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Net Worth 2022?

As of 2022, the net worth of Apostle Johnson Suleman is over 100 million dollars. Some sources say he is one of the richest pastors in Nigeria.

His preachings began when he experienced a daydream in 1994 as he said he received the image of the globe with Acts 10:38 written on it.

Before he got the message, he had been passionately reading the bible and completed it for the third time on his quest to be closer to the Lord.

The vision only cemented his belief, and he re-read the scriptures to confirm that he got chosen. He realized that he had gotten selected to create a Power Ministry while taking the gospel worldwide.

His primary income source is his ministries and numerous business ventures, as he is not shy to dabble his hands in oil and gas facilities, schools, real estate properties, a water bottling company, entertainment, and a printing press.

Besides, he is also involved in aviation as he is the CEO of Celebration Airline.

Indeed, his spending can be easily recognized by his lavish lifestyle as he dives around some of the most expensive rides known to mankind.

Exotic cars like Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, Porsche Cayenne, and Jeep Grand Cherokee lie in his garage.

Many watch his expensive suit with custom-made patterns a wonder how much it would cost to recreate the pieces.

Although it would seem impossible to maintain the wardrobes daily, his recurring sermons and stage presence are enough to keep his bank filled to the brim.

Some FAQs

Which tribe is Apostle Johnson Suleman?

Apostle Johnson Suleman place of birth is Benin, Edo State, Nigeria and his ethnicity is Afobomeh Family Clan, Auchi.

Who is Apostle Suleman wife?

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s wife, Lizzy Johnson Suleman, celebrates her birthday every 28th of February.

Who is Apostle Suleman father?

Johnson Suleman’s father is Imoudu Sule.