Linus Sebastian Siblings Names Revealed

Linus Sebastian siblings name is Isabelle, Emily, Asher and George Sebastian. Linus Sebastian has two sister and two brothers.

He has been married to Yvonne Ho since 2011. He was born in British Columbia, Canada, and he is a social media fanatic with lots of experience and success on YouTube.

He is popular for advising and demonstrating different tech-related skills and is quite appreciated for being good with technology. He has been interested in the tech industry since he was young, and his experiences have now made him the CEO of his own tech company, Linus Media Group Inc.

After graduating high school in 2005, he went to the University of British Columbia but dropped out after a few years.

For almost two years, he worked as a swimming and painting instructor for students but later decided to work in the corporate and tech industries.

In the past ten years, Linus has been able to create multiple tech channels on YouTube, where he has millions of subscribers. He has also collaborated with different other YouTubers and people from tech industries in his channel.

Linus Sebastian Siblings

Linus Sebastian and his siblings were raised in a family farmhouse. Linus made an Instagram post back in 2015 where he showed a winner tag gifted by one of his sisters on his birthday.

His sisters have often been there on his YouTube videos. In one of his videos, he invited his younger sister Isabelle and they built a PC from the scratch. There, he mentioned that he has built a PC for everyone in his family, including one NBA player, but he has never made one for his favorite little sister Isabelle.

In the video, they even talked about their family and his other sister, Emily.

Linus and his sister Isabelle talked about their childhood as well as their parents in the video. He calls her Bella and she also revealed her brother’s childhood behavior. She mentioned that both of their parents were supportive and cared a lot for them.

She mentioned that Linus used to be quite a troublemaker as a child. Linus used to tell his mother to hide his gaming tools but he used to ask for them again. They mentioned that, during the journey of being a video creator, Linus had to face many difficulties but his family was always supportive of him.

Linus Sebastian Career

Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a famous tech YouTuber based in Canada and the CEO of Linus Media Group.

He has has a very successful career by giving different tech tips and also running his own tech company.

After quitting a painting and swimming instructor job, Linus started working as a Retail Sales Representative at while he was still at school. He worked in the post for 6 months before he was promoted to the post of Product Manager.

The company asked him to showcase different products and give tech tips. At NICX, Linus worked as a Category Manager and Social Media Project Coordinator.

After some years, Linus Tech Tips was created. The channel was created in 2008 because NCIX told him to create a host channel to help demonstrate different products. In the beginning, Sabastian was assisted with limited resources and assistants.

He continued to run his YouTube channel despite leaving NCIX due to some disagreement with the management. Now, Linus Tech Tips has 15 million subscribers, and he earns almost $4 million annually.

He has seven other YouTube channels under it, all related to tech and different podcasts. In 2021, Linus Tech Tips was one of the most-watched TV channels on YouTube.

In 2013, he started his own company, Linus Media Group, out of a garage. He is a founder and CEO, and the company has almost 80 full-time employees. The company is a service production industry with years of great experience in technology. Back in 2020, Linus decided to retire from the post but later on, he changed his mind.

Linus Sebastian has been listed in Forbes and is known for many notable projects. Last year, he uploaded a video where he made 18-carat gold Xbox Series and a Controller.

He makes different tech-related videos, some of which have even been featured on multiple tech websites. Other than that, he has also endorsed different tech brands and companies as a paid-partnership post.