Linus Roache parents: Who are William Roache and Anna Cropper

Vikings actor Linus Roache was born to his parents, actors William Roache and Anna Cropper.

William Roache

William Roache is an actor best known for appearing as Ken Barlow in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street.

William is the longest-serving TV star according to Guinness World records.

Anna Cropper

Anna Cropper was Roache’s mother who passed away in  January 2007.

She was a stage and TV actress, who appeared in Cromwell (1970), Nanou (1986), The Exorcism(1972),  The Jewel in the Crown (1984), Anna of the Five Towns (1985), and Death’s Shadow (1999).

Who Is Linus Roache?

Linus Roache is a popular actor known for playing Executive ADA Michael Cutter in the NBC dramas Law & Order and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Born on February 1, 1964, in Manchester, England, began acting in the 1970s, as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, and then appearing as Peter Barlow in Coronation Street.

In 1997, he starred in the film The Wings of the Dove. He continued to star in many films including RFK (2002), as Robert F. Kennedy, The Gathering Storm, Priest (1994), The Wings of the Dove (1997), and Pandaemonium (2000).

Other movies in which he appeared include The Chronicles of Riddick (2004), Batman Begins (2005), Batman (2005), Non-Stop (2014), Mandy (2018), Law & Order (2008–2010) and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2011–2012).

Roache was the lead actor in the ITV miniseries Titanic, in 2012, and in 2014, Roache appeared in the second season of Vikings.

Roache also appeared as David Wellington in the seventh and eighth seasons of the TV series Homeland.

So far, he has received a Golden Globe Award, a Satellite Award, an Evening Standard British Film Award, amongst many other awards.