Lena Dunham Gives A Tribute To A Deceased Designer, Who Is She?

Federica Cavenati was the designer and founder of 16Arlington, who died on October 18, 2021. Find more about the independent artist here.

She was a talented designer and a fashion mastermind, having worked in many venues and grand premiers.

She had also gathered innumerable designing talents and skills throughout her decade-long work history.

Federica was better known by her famous designing nametag ‘Kikka,’ and she was one of the close acquaintances of designer head Lena Dunham.

Who Was Federica Cavenati? Obituary Death Cause

Federica Cavenati was a solo artist, designer, and independent businesswoman, having founded 16Arlington as her design venture.

She founded the company with her husband, Marco Capaldo.

Federica’s Obituary report has indicted her as dead post her sudden demise from illness.

Her Obituary death cause has also been listed as sudden illness and complications.

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Federica was initially based in Italy, especially around the Vienna region, before she moved to the UK to pursue her design course.

She completed her design and fashion course at Marangoni Instituto of London.

Federica dated Marco for years before they started living in a relationship in a shared apartment located in London’s Arlington 16 street.

That place would later be adopted as the womenswear brand name as a tribute to their ever-flourishing relationship.

Federica’s designs have a heavily influenced Italian masterpiece’s artistry flowing free between the eclectic variance of England’s robust patterns in the threads.

Her involvement in various arts and design cores has lent her this exceptional attribute of knowing how much detail to fill in merchandise to appeal more and appear less scintillating.

Have A Look At Dead Designer Lena Dunham’s Moving Tribute To Federica Cavenati

Federica’s long-time friend and co-designer Lena Dunham has recently expressed a moving tribute statement for her lost friend.

Lena stated that it took her only 10 minutes to see Federica’s good soul and what true art meant to her naive mind hive.

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Lena boldly stated that “No One Who Crossed Her Path Will Ever Be The Same,” and this saying has been repeatedly highlighted throughout Federica’s tribute posts.

Lena expressed her great condolences to her mate’s grieving family and stated that Federica will always be remembered for the revere smile she smirked and the touch of the fine she showered at her designs.

How Old was Federica Cavenati? Explore Her Age and Wikipedia Details

Federica Cavenati was just 28 years of age when she took her last breath on October 18, 2021.

She was survived by her mother, father, brother, and her husband, Marco.

Federica has not yet been listed on the Wikipedia bio page indices.

The young artist and designer have done several great works and solo projects to make herself immortal in the fleeting presence of the crowd.