Leah Jeffries Parents Own Lee Jeff Productions And LLC

Leah Jeffries was born to parents Princess Leah and Floyd S Jeffries Jr.

The fantasy book dabbled on the unwanted children of Olympic Gods as it gets a long-awaited reboot, but this time the actors are the age of the book personas.

Their 2010 predecessors angered die-hard fans who were unhappy when they found that the demigods were more mature than the author Rick Riordan intended.

Indeed, the Disney+ TV series accepted the writer as their expert on set, giving the creator a more hands-on experience with his art.

Jeffries gets joined by Walker Scobell, who plays the protagonist, Persey, son of Poseidon, and Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays Hermes, the protector of cattle and sheep.

Leah Jeffries Parents: Floyd S Jeffries Jr. and Princess Leah Jeffries

Leah Sava Jeffries shined under the eyes of her parents Floyd S Jeffries Jr. and Princess Leah Jeffries.

The pair met around twenty-five years ago and had none but themselves. They got hitched in 1997 and had their son soon after.

Her dad is unique, as he never forgets to shower his love by wishing his wife on every birthday, anniversary, and special occasion.

After a few years, their princess entered the world on 25 September 2009, and their family became complete.

Despite being together for so long, they have managed to keep the fire aflame, incorporating their children into their ventures.

Indeed, they kept busy when the entire world was locked inside their homes when they participated in The Front Porch Project. The community-based primary prevention took the initiative by people aware of helping protect children and supporting their neighborhood.

Leah Jeffries’s Parents Helped Her Become An Actress

Life as a child artist is never easy, as Leah Jeffries learned the hard way when she scored an acting gig in Empire when she was six years old.

Being so young meant that she needed a parent present to be able to work freely, as it gets required by USA Law.

The to and fro from hotel rooms and movie sets needed to be escorted by an adult.

As her mom was the founder of LeeJeff Productions, she had an idea of what to expect and helped her fly with her wings.

The eight-hour workdays did not dim her spirit as she went on to participate in Faith Under Fire, Rel, Beast, and Something from Tiffany’s.

Although acting could be consuming, she let herself relax by indulging in modeling and gymnastics.

The 13-year-old’s Parents Own Lee Jeff Productions And LLC

13-year-old Leah Jeffries does not have a work a day in her life as her parents own Lee Jeff Productions and LLC.

Indeed, she caught the acting bug from her mum as she started the radio talk show Detriot Live with her co-host Aaron in 2015.

After its success, she headlined the Leah Live Show, where she talked to the Metro Detroit area about the entertainment industry.

While her gig at the 9 AM superstations remains ongoing, she founded the LeeJeff Productions in 2017.

Meanwhile, her husband remained devoted to FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, where he was a loyal employee for 28 years. His job entitled him to work as an operations specialist while managing the assembly center processes.

In 2022, he made a drastic career change by accepting an offer from Serta Simmons Bedding, LLC, who hired him full-time as their production manager.

According to his LinkedIn, he has skills in process management, manufacturing operations, production management, and industrial engineering, amongst others.

Leah Jeffries Grew Up Alongside Her Brother Floyd Jeffries III

Teenager Leah Jeffries was never lonely as she played fun tricks alongside her brother Floyd Jeffries III.

The aspiring actor and creative director remain proud of his family ties, honoring his sisters and their achievements in his Instagram bio.

Although their age gap would mean getting bullied on Leah’s end but rather the opposite, their values did not align with such sentiments, as he always wrote heartwarming words in her favor even before becoming famous.

In 2019, he wrote a caption stating that their quarrels may be a constant, but he would not swap her for anyone else. He is always the first to repost her articles, showing up to her premieres no matter how busy his schedule is.

The brother-sister bond is apparent are there is nothing that possibly breaks their trust.