Katya Henry – Biography, Age, Height and Family Facts

A fruit which didn’t fall far from its tree, Katya Henry has strong family roots in the fitness industry. The internet star is one of those celebrities who accidentally stumbled upon fame. However, after Katya realized that she was an inspiration to many on social media, she decided to turn her passion into profit and has since kept her teeming and devoted fans engaged with creative contents. Join us in unearthing all the interesting facts you never knew about the gorgeous fitness enthusiast, internet sensation, and brand influencer.

Katya Henry Biography (Age)

Katya Elise Henry from Minnesota was born on June 14, 1994. Though her hometown is Minneapolis, the gorgeous model grew up in Arizona. Going by her academic records, it is safe to say that Katya was a very active student as she was part of the cheerleading squad at Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale.

Katya’s journey to fame came unexpectedly. A fitness enthusiast, she had a mental picture of her dream body and also wanted to maintain her budding killer curves while still in high school. At the time, she was working as a full-time nanny and hardly had time to keep up with her exercise routine. So in order to help her stay disciplined and dedicated to the cause, Kayta decided to use social media to keep track of her progress. January 2013 was a fresh start for the young model as she began uploading her workout videos and pictures on Instagram.

Katya Henry stayed true to her self-imposed routine with the aim of achieving the ‘ideal body goals’. Unbeknownst to her, she was inspiring many others and gradually building a huge community on the internet. Katya’s toned body and curves could hardly go unnoticed and she soon became a viral sensation. Besides her famous Instagram account, the model has since amassed millions of followers on other popular social networking sites including Facebook and Youtube.

In addition to her strict diet, Katya Henry fondly called ‘the glute master’ has a fitness plan that involves a structured workout schedule. However, she trains only on weekdays and basically rests over the weekends. In order not to derail but remain focused on the ultimate body goals, Katya inspires herself and many others with her signature slogan – ‘Be motivated. Be active. Be confident. Be you’!

Apart from achieving her desired fitness goals, Katya is also famed for inspiring and boosting the morale of friends and family to lead a healthy life. She was motivated to do more after recording personal success and receiving positive feedback from fans.

As expected, the fitness star decided to start making a living from her passion. More than just launching a website, the professional personal trainer has caught the attention of top fitness brands like EHPlabs and has featured in some campaigns such as the Body Power Expo and Olympia Weekend by Joe Weider.

Family Facts

Katya Henry is one of the three daughters born to Derick Anthony Henry and Tawnya Lynn Nelson. Her sisters are Tanaya and Gabrielle. Katya’s dad is a professional bodyguard while her mom is a fitness trainer.

The young fitness star apparently followed in her mother’s footsteps. Besides inspiring her daughter’s career choice, it is uncommon knowledge that Tawnya is credited for guiding Kayta through a structured diet and workout schedule in order to achieve her ideal body goals.

Katya Henry’s Boyfriend

Since she became an internet sensation, many have been curious about Katya Henry’s love life. The gorgeous fitness star has so far been in high profile relationships. First, in December 2015, she was romantically linked to singer Austin Mahone. The pair who were publicly spotted on romantic road trips once seemed like a perfect match until February 2017, when news emerged that they were no longer an item.

The circumstances surrounding their romance from the onset and the breakup remains a mystery as both parties haven’t been generous enough to share such information with the public.

Katya Henry is currently dating NBA star, Kyle Kuzma. The pair began dating in late 2018 and has been waxing strong; fans can only hope their love journey has a happy ending.

Height and Other Facts

1. Katya Henry has an alluring physique. The internet star stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches, complemented by her weight of about 54 kg, thanks to her strict diet plan. Her other body measurements are unknown.

2. She is a vegan and lives on a strict healthy diet. She takes more of vegetables, protein supplements for building her muscles, and other healthy food.

3. The sensational Instagram model loves art and its various forms of expression. She has tattoos on different parts of her body including her rib cage, hips, and neck.

4. One of Katya Henry’s life inspirations is “Wonder Woman”. Against all odds, the fictional character spurs the fitness star to stay determined, fierce, and strong.