Kaja Sokola claims that Harvey Weinstein $exually assaulted her when she was 16.

Previous film Producer Harvey Weinstein has been tracked down liable in two instances of $exual attack, yet the charges don’t appear to have halted, with new casualties coming out consistently. The new casualty, a Polish model, named Kaja Sokola, blamed him for $exually attacking her when she was 16.

Insights concerning the profession of Harvey Weinstein: The rundown of ladies guaranteeing that Weinstein had $exually attacked them in the beyond thirty years is long. The 70 years of age $exual guilty party helped to establish diversion venture Miramax and, later on, The Weinstein Company with his brother Bob Weinstein.

Their flag has delivered a few effective movies like Heavenly Creatures, The Crying Game, Pulp Fiction, Flirting with Disaster, $ex, Lies and tapes, and Shakespeare in Love.

How did Harvey Weinstein $exually attack Kaja Sokola? Kaja Sokola was a 16 years of age model in 2002 who as of late shown up in Manhattan from Poland. Her organization NEXT Model Management organized a party where she met then 50 years of age Weinstein Harvey, who was in the prime of his vocation then, at that point.

Harvey purportedly welcomed the hopeful model and entertainer to lunch to talk about a few acting matters since he saw expected in her.

Kaja reviews that everyone had cautioned her about suppers saying that anybody could inebriate her beverages, yet the lunch seemed protected, so she concurred. After three days, Harvey came to get her in his vehicle; his driver left the two of them before his Soho condo.

At the point when they went in, she understood that it was only two of them. Then Harvey $exual attacked her and discharged on the floor; as she attempted to escape, he halted her forcibly of his arms and expressed that he had assisted ladies with loving Gwyneth Paltrow and Penelope Cruz in their professions.

In the wake of letting her out of his hold, Harvey let Kaja know that she expected to deal with her stubbornness to succeed. Kaja, presently 35, reviews this with dread while sitting in her lawyer’s office.