Justin king

Justin King is a journalist known for his work in the Digital Journal. He caught attention from other sources after he documented about Wolf Conservation Crisis, which was an extraordinary work from himself.

King started working with Digital Journal since, 2013. Since then he has published over 300 articles featuring analysis of the situation and expert interviews. Currently, he is working at his own platform The Fifth Column.

Name Justin King
Age 37- 40
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Nationality American
Profession Journalist
Married/Single Married
Twitter @Justinkingnews

10 Facts on Justin King 

  1. Justin King is estimated to be anywhere between 37- 40 years old according to his appearance. He has not revealed his birth date or year to the public.
  2. King was born in Japan, at Yokosuka Naval Air Station to a soldier father and a hipster mother. His family was deported back to the US and he had to move a lot growing up.
  3. At this current, date he is not on Wikipedia. At, the rate, he’s doing such remarkable documentaries work, he might soon be recorded in Wiki as well.
  4. Regarding his net worth, there is still no official data or statistics to publish even a rough estimate.
  5. King attended and studied at the University of Florida and is trained in Photography from the Photography Institute of New York.
  6. Kings used to study College level, courses when he was just in High School. He says that he has studied almost everything except journalism.
  7. In a written Interview, Justin claimed that he was always interested in documenting wildlife. He was especially attached to the various species of Wolves.
  8. King is married but has maintained a constant privacy barrier between his family and the media. Thus, there is no information on his wife at all.
  9. He currently updates articles and videos on his own news platform TheFifthColumn.
  10. Justin does not have an Instagram account. He is inactive on his Twitter account @Justinkingnews since 2018.