Justin Baldoni – Ethnicity, Wife & Family

Justin Baldoni is part of a new wave of actors and actresses in Hollywood who are more than just bodies that play a character in front of a screen. Taking advantage of their savviness in technology and communication, they are creating other things and impacting lives in a way that an acting career ordinarily wouldn’t help them do. Justin Baldoni might be more famous for playing a fit dad in the drama series; Jane The Virgin. Apart from being on the screen, the actor is a public speaker and startup founder. To learn more about Jane the Virgin star, read below.

Justin Baldoni’s Bio and Ethnicity

Justin Baldoni is an American actor who was born to an Italian father on the 24th of January 1984 in Los Angeles in the state of California. Although he was born in Los Angeles, Justin was raised in Medford, Oregon where he and his parents practiced the Baha’I faith (a religion about the essential worth of all religions), more so, his mother was raised Jewish. Justin is an American with Italian ancestry on his father’s side and Jewish roots on his mother’s side. His tendency to combine different ventures started from his childhood days when he played soccer and also ran track. In high school, he was also a disc jockey and he worked at a local top-40 radio station.

After a busy life in high school, Baldoni graduated to University, specifically California State University. The youngster’s hope of continuing his sporting life and perhaps going into professional sports was dashed when he tore his hamstring. Despite the injury, he was offered a place on the Long Beach State track team because of his potential. Unfortunately, he never recovered in time to be a part of the team. The disappointment forced him to leave Long Beach for Los Angeles.

When we are down, sometimes all it takes is a stranger to help us back up. Justin Baldoni’s move to Los Angeles was filled with sadness and disappointment but it would turn out to be a great decision for him and his eventual career. While moving into his new apartment in Los Angeles, he met a manager who suggested he should give acting a try. He never knew that the suggestion would change his life.

Baldoni took the advice to heart and began auditioning for roles. He got his first acting job in television, starring in the TV Show – The Young and the Restless in 2004. He had a recurring role and appeared in three episodes. Later that year, he also appeared in a TV film, Wedding Daze. Since he started his career in television, he has appeared in a number of TV shows like Everwood, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Heroes, CSI: NY, among others. But in all, he is most known for Jane the Virgin which debuted in 2004; he was cast in the main role as Rafael Solano, a handsome and rich father of two. The success of the show has helped Justin grow his profile as an actor. He continues to appear on the show till date.

In the films, Justin Baldoni hasn’t found a breakout project as he has in television although he has appeared in a number of film projects. He got his first film role in Yesterday’s Dream in 2005 playing a character named Pat. In the same year, he was cast in another film, The Helix…Loaded where he played Jason. Till date, he has starred in a total of fourteen films. His most recent film project was in 2014.

Baldoni isn’t a man to focus on just one thing. Along with acting, he is a director. His first work in producing and directing music videos in 2008 was selected for the Dawn Breakers International Film Festival. Baldoni’s career behind the camera has witnessed some impressive achievements. He created what would become the most-watched digital documentary series in history in 2012. The documentary, My Last Days was a show about living, from the perspective of dying people. The success of the documentary helped Baldoni launch a media studio company, Wayfarer Entertainment.

Through his company, he has ventured into other projects like the development of a male talk show titled Man Enough. In 2016, he developed and released an app called Belly Bump for pregnant women. He has also been a keynote speaker at a Ted Conference.

Meet His Wife and Family

Justin Baldoni has been married to Emily Baldoni since 2013. Emily, who is a Swedish actress had been dating Justin for a year before the two decided to tie the knot. So far, the couple has been living in bliss and has begotten two beautiful children; a son, and a daughter.


Justin’s body and face have become some kind of sex symbol among followers of Jane the Virgin. But even those who are not following the series, you just have to catch a glimpse of his well-chiseled body to admit that he is the hunk. He stands tall at 6 feet 1 inch.