Julie Warner – Bio, Net worth, Family Facts, Movies & TV

Surrounded by a family of entertainers, Julie Warner worked hard to climb the ladder to the top and remains one of the finest actresses in Hollywood.

Her art was never hidden even within her. No wonder she was discovered in the early years by an agent, who in turn advised her to take the path of action. Shortly after saying these words, she followed the advice and landed a role in a soap opera Role Model in the summer of 1987. She has since made other notable film appearances in Star Trek series, Scrubs, Dexter and Grey’s Anatomy . Her dedication, time and energy to acting has paid off in fame and fortune for Julie Warner over the years. Learn more about this beautiful actress.

Julie Warner – Bio

Juliet Mia aka Julie Warner was born on February 9, 1965 in Manhattan, in New York, in the United States of America, to a mother who made a living as a freelance book agent, private marketing consultant and licensing director, while her father was a versatile musician . Young Julie grew up in the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City. By the age of twelve, Julie Warner was already at the Dalton School, where she was first spotted by a talent agency who recognized her acting potential and advised her to consider a career in acting.

Advice she heeded, and so she landed her first role on a soap opera called Exemplar in 1981, a show that aired on CBS for over five years and half a decade from June 1952 to September 2009. The show became after Guinness World Records certified as the longest-running drama soap opera in American television history. Julie Warner took time off from the screens to complete her education at Brown University, where she earned a degree in theater in 1987.

Movies and TV Shows

After successfully completing her education, the Manhattan native moved to Los Angeles, where she worked for months as a waitress and constantly showed up for auditions. Her payday came in 1989 when she landed a role as Alice Greenwood on a television show 21 Jump Street . Her impressive performance earned her another role as Christy Henshaw in Star Trek: The Next Generation between 1989 and 1990. In 1990, she landed two more roles in TV series, Stolen Husband and The Outsiders where she portrayed the characters of Jennie and Charlene Walker portrayed. In the same year she made her debut in the film Flatliner.

Julie Warner’s big break role came in 1991 as Vialula / Lou Doc Hollywood where she shared the screen with Michael J. Fox. In 1992. Warner starred in another film called Mr. Saturday Night where she took on Elaine Young. Since her big break in 1991, Julie Warner has expressed professionalism and trademark well in many films and TV shows worth noting Indian Summer (1993), Tommy Boy (1995), Wedding Bell Blues (1996), White Lies ( 1997), Forever Strong (2008), Little Women, Big Cars series (2012), Breakthrough (2015) and Chalk it Up(2016) Herman’s Head (1993), Mr. Murder (1998), Family Law (1999 – 2001), Just Legal (2005), House (2006) , Leap Year ( 2011 – 2012), Supermoms (2012), Gray Anatomy (2013 ), Code Black (2016).

The Doc Hollywood star is not only a talented actress but also a fine director and producer. Family Law’s Once Removed episode was directed by Julie Warner in 2002. Along with other professionals, she produced a documentary called Special Thanks to Roy London in 2005

Wealth (income and earnings)

Julie Warner’s endeavors in the entertainment industry have given her an estimated net worth of $2 million. This benefits her through hard work as a former waitress, actress, director and producer.

Family Facts

She’s from a house of entertainers and consultants

From her birth, Julie Warner was surrounded byrelatives who were in the entertainment industry. Her father, the late Neil Warner, was known for his ability and skill at playing the piano. He was also an avid composer, with a slew of commercials including Tic-Tacs and Fig Newtons. He was an arranger and jazz bandleader before he died. Her paternal grandfather, Jack Shilkret, was a Hollywood composer and his brother, Nathaniel Shilkret, was also a composer.

She is ten years older than her brother

While not an only child, Julie Warner is a decade older than her only brother, known as James. Her brother reportedly works in the New York City Parks Department.

ex-husband and son

The 5ft 2in director was once married. She is the ex-wife of American screenwriter and director Jonathan Prince, with whom she was walking down the aisle on July 17, 1995. Their union was blessed with a son – Jackson, who was born in 1997. Jonathan Prince is a well known body for his works Is 18 Throbbing Again, and Mr. Merlin.