Judge Peter Zahra Who Was Running Guy Sebastian Fraud Case Died At The Age Of 66

Respected NSW District Court Judge Peter Zahra, aged 66, has died unexpectedly after a stroke. he was running Guy Sebastian’s Fraud case.

The trial of Guy Sebastian’s former long-time manager has been delayed due to a stroke suffered by the judge presiding over the case.

Titus Day’s Trial began last Tuesday in the Downing Centre District Court in front of 15 jurors and Judge Peter Zahra.

Judge Peter Zahra Wikipedia

Peter Zahra is a Judge who has worked as a public defender for decades before being appointed to the NSW District Court in 2007.

As an advocate, he also expanded the defense of mental illness. He wrote several legal books.

Former Hey Day actor Robert Hughes and disgraced former Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer were previously sentenced by Judge Zahra.

Mr. Zahra is regarded as one of NSW’s most respected judges, with legal sources describing him as “intelligent, fair, and just.”

Who Are Judge Peter Zahra’s Family?

Judge Peter Zahra was married to his wife and fathered his children. Personal information about his family, on the other hand, is kept out of the public eye.

Peter Zahra was on life support for three days, with concerned family and friends keeping a constant vigil.

But Peter was announced dead after suffering from a stroke.

His death has left his family devastated. In their statement, they ask that everyone drink a cup of hot chocolate and tell a dad joke in honor of our father and his life.

What Happened to Guy Sebastian’s Judge? He Died at The Age Of 66

The trial has since devolved into chaos, with Sebastian testing positive for Covid-19 just a day after testifying against his former manager, and Judge Zahra fighting for her life in the hospital.

This week, the court heard testimony. Sebastian only suspected Day of defrauding him after the chart-topping singer ended their business partnership.

He allegedly discovered ‘anomalies’ in financial records after the bitter divorce and accused Day of embezzling nearly $1 million.

After suffering a stroke, the respected judge was rushed to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital from his inner-west Sydney home on Thursday morning.

He was declared dead by the concerned authorities at the age of 66.

Judge Peter Zahra’s Net Worth at Death

The annual remuneration for the Sydney judge is estimated to be $1 million.

Judge Peter Zahra didn’t disclose his actual earnings. Likewise, his net worth could be higher or lower, as it is just an assumption.

A judge’s annual income in Sydney, NSW, is reported to be $91250, according to

People are now pouring their prayers and sending condolences to Peter Zahra’s family through their tweets.