John Katumba Biography: Profile, News, Presidential Candidature And Background

John Katumba is a young Ugandan who burst onto the scene as a result of his quest to become the President of Uganda.

He will be contesting during Uganda’s 2021 elections as an Independent Candidate. He filed his nomination to be President at a young age of just 24 years.

Not much is known about Katumba and during interviews, he ensures that he remains tight lipped about his personal life. He is largely regarded in Uganda as a ‘mysterious’ presidential candidate.

John Katumba was born in 1996.

John Katumba Profile

John Katumba’s personal life is quite a mystery. However, he revealed that he became fully responsible for his studies at A Level when he was abandoned by his guardian.

To fend for himself, Katumba explained that he had to engage in a lot of odd jobs. Katumba once worked at Pan World Car Wash on the Dewinton Street in Kampala, where he was paid Shs1000 per car washed when he was an O-level student.

John Katumba also burnt charcoal and laid bricks to make ends meet.

John Katumba Presidential Candidate

On November 2, 2020, John Katumba filed his nomination to be President at the Kyambogo University in Kampala. He is contesting as an Independent Candidate.

After being rejected due to his inability to raise the required Shs20 million nomination fees, Katumba’s nomination was filed when out of the blue, he was able to raise the money just a day after his nomination was denied.

A lot of concerns were raised about Kampala’s source of income. However, the young presidential candidate revealed that he began saving in “piggy banks” when he was very young so as to enable him fund his quest of becoming Uganda’s president.

He began by saving coins which he later converted into notes when they accumulated in his “piggy bank”.

In addition to the nomination fees, John Katumba had to traverse the country to collect 100 signatures of registered voters from at least 98 districts out of the 146 to back his nomination.

John Katumba explains that his savings only helped him cater for fuel to move around Uganda in quest for the signatures.

He says he made many friends while collecting the signatures, who started sending him money to raise the nomination fees.

John Katumba said;

John Katumba Background

John Katumba is reserved, private and declines to offer details in most of his answers.

Even his place of residence is a mystery and all that is known is that he transacts his business in Ntinda.

John Katumba said:

Added to his mystery is the fact that his Tax Identification Number (TIN) was processed a day after his nomination bid was rejected. He is also new to social media.

Explaining why he is new to social media, John Katumba said: