John Foley Peloton CEO and How He Made Net Worth Of $350 Million

John Foley, the CEO and former billionaire of Peloton saw his net worth decline to roughly $350 million.

Various reasons caused a 24% decline in the stock price of the fitness company.

The following crucial organizational upheaval at the connected fitness company involves the co-founder and former CEO of Peloton, who has resigned from his position as executive chairman of the board.

Recent events have been somewhat tumultuous for Peloton. The corporation overextended to meet increased demand during the early stages of the pandemic, which led to job losses and price adjustments (both drops and, months later, rises) this year. Despite selling well-adored items and classes.

Full Name John Foley
Age (as of 2022) 50 years old.
Net worth $350 million USD
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Current Residence New York

John Foley Net Worth In 2022

Bloomberg estimates that John Foley’s net worth is $350 million.

The same source claims that in September 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Foley was believed to have a net worth of almost $1 billion. The former CEO lost his billionaire title due to a decline in Peloton’s share price.

According to Bloomberg, Foley owns more than 17 million shares and exercisable options in the New York-based Peloton. Likewise, since September 2019, he has sold Peloton shares for around $120 million.

Before his position at Peloton, John Foley established and and served as CEO of, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Tuesday saw a recent 8.7% decline in the price of Peloton’s stock following John Foley’s statement that he would be stepping down as the company’s CEO. Now that he is the company’s executive chairman, Barry McCarthy will run Peloton as CEO.

Peloton CEO John Foley Stepping Down From Leadership

John Foley, a co-founder of Peloton, is leaving the business he started. Peloton said on Monday that the troubled founder would step down from thebusiness boards. Following Barry McCarthy’s appointment as CEO of Peloton, a former executive at Spotify, came the decision.

Tammy Albarrán, who most recently worked as Uber’s chief deputy general counsel and deputy corporate secretary, will take over for Kushi. According to Yahoo Finance, Foley, who controls nearly 60% of Peloton’s voting shares and his wife and other insiders, may sell his stock in the company after a cooling-off period.

After cycling enthusiast Foley raised over $300,000 for his fitness venture, Peloton was established in 2012. He cofounded the athletic gear business along with Tom Cortese, Graham Stanton, Hisao Kushi, and Yony Feng. The business went public in September 2019.

Once a pandemic success story, Peloton stock’s price is relatively low. Due to a “substantial drop” in consumer demand, the firm temporarily stopped producing its at-home exercise items last year to save expenses. Last month, Peloton informed its staff that 800 positions would be lost, and retail locations and prices would be lost.

Peloton Reduces Size Of Their Team

The company also revealed that they would be “cutting the size of the Peloton workforce by about 2,800 roles globally,” as John Foley stated that he would be leaving his post as CEO of Peloton.

According to a statement, employees affected by the reductions were eligible for a “meaningful monetary severance allocation,” expanded healthcare coverage, career services, and a free 12-month Peloton membership.

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The company has been “re-evaluating our costs throughout the entire business to ensure we are adequately organized for the post-COVID landscape” due to the reduced personnel headcount.

“After careful analysis, we’ll be driving strategic initiatives throughout our worldwide team that will assist us in focusing on areas that need improvement,” the statement continued.

John Foley Is No Longer A Billionaire

After reporting disappointing quarterly earnings on Friday, the stock of at-home fitness equipment manufacturer Peloton fell more than 30%, making CEO John Foley no longer a billionaire. The company also became the latest pandemic favorite to see its business suffer from the reopening of the economy.

Although current CEO Barry McCarthy characterized the company’s profitability as a sign of “significant improvement,” the corporation reported an operational loss of $1.2 billion in its Q4 2022 earnings release in August.

Foley, who served as Peloton’s CEO for almost ten years, left his position in February but will now completely leave the organization. In a press statement, Foley stated, “Now it is time for me to start a new professional chapter.”

More About Peloton Shares Plummet

Peloton reported on Thursday that it had lost more than $1.2 billion over the previous three months, disappointing investors who had been hoping for the company to make headway in reviving its flagging exercise equipment sales.

As one analyst predicted rising “existential” challenges to the company’s future, the news caused the company’s shares to plunge further. In morning trading, shares fell more than 19% to $10.88, bringing the year-to-date decline to 88%.

During Covid lockdowns, Peloton’s exercise bikes, treadmills, and connected classes—all of which cost over $1,400—were extremely popular with fitness buffs.

Early in 2021, the company’s market valuation peaked at close to $50 billion, and its sales more than doubled. Peloton’s market capitalization on Thursday was a little over $3.6 billion.

Timeline Of Peloton Share Plunging As John Foley Left The CEO Position

By Friday, Peloton’s stock had dropped by over 34% to about $57 per share, its lowest level since June 2020.

Since releasing mediocre numbers on Thursday afternoon, the company’s stock, which sells bikes and treadmills and monthly subscriptions for at-home workouts, has plummeted.

Peloton cut its sales projection for the coming year by as much as $1 billion, frightened investors more than the company’s earnings and revenue shortfalls.

When the pandemic was at its worst a year ago, Peloton had phenomenal growth, with a 250% increase in revenue in the first quarter of 2020. However, the company’s most recent earnings reveal a notable decline, with momentum ebbing amid the wider reopening of the economy.

John Foley Wife Supporting Him During Tough Time – Who Is She?

Jill Foley and the co-founder of Peloton have been wed for a long time. Since they started dating, the couple has been avid exercisers.

The venues where they went on dates revolved around physical activities like jogging, indoor cycling, surfing, yoga, boot camps, etc. Jill supports and works for Peloton with John. Jill is in charge of the business’s clothes section.

Forty-two years old Jill worries that she doesn’t always feel like she is spending enough time with her kids.

Cycling enthusiasts Foley and Jill call themselves “fitness addicts.” Before they had children, the Foleys enjoyed taking fitness classes as a young married couple. However, as their work became more demanding and they began as kid, the couple found it challenging to attend instructor-led fitness courses.

Investors Didn’t Like John Hiring His Wife As An Executive

Aintabi wrote in January 2022, “Remarkably; the Company is in worse shape today than it was before the pandemic, with high fixed costs, excessive inventory, a listless strategy, disenchanted employees, and thousands of disgruntled shareholders.

Foley must be held accountable for his repeated failures to lead Peloton effectively, Aintabi continued.

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Aintabi mentioned Foley’s choice to hire his wife Jill as vice president of apparel, deceive Peloton investors, and lease a 300,000-square-foot office facility in New York City among his list of complaints. Before joining Peloton, Jill had no past employment history, at least according to LinkedIn.

In addition, it was claimed that Foley was unwilling to cooperate with the Consumer Product Safety Commission while marketing a product that caused at least 29 children’s injuries.

Does John Foley Have Children?

Two children, a son and a daughter were born to John and Jill Foley. Their son Quinn is twelve years old, and Mae is nine.

The parents always spend enough time with their kids and mentor them. Quinn enjoys the pancakes at the Bus Stop Cafe on Hudson Street. John has an egg omelet while Quin eats strawberry pancakes.

The daughter of John enjoys sports. Mae enjoys skating and playing soccer. Even though the young child occasionally feels inadequate at jokes, her parents support and counsel her to become more resilient.

The Foley couple’s children served as the inspiration behind the creation of Pelton Interactive Inc. Pelton was created for engaging and accessible workouts because it became nearly hard to get to one’s favorite studio session after becoming a parent.

How John Foley’s Peloton Journey Started?

We are all aware that John created Peloton in 2012, marking the beginning of his successful career. But before that, he had had a different position.

He began working as a Production Shift Manager in 1990 and stayed there for six years. Then, in 2001, he accepted a position as general manager at Ticketmaster.

He launched his website,, in 2002 and worked on it for three more years. But everything changed when he created a new idea and published it online via his website He gained a great deal of experience through working for his companies, Pronto and Evite.

He most recently held the position of President of Barnes & Noble before starting Peloton in 2012.

Barry McCarthy – Peloton New CEO

Barry McCarthy, a seasoned IT executive, is being sought after by Peloton to steer the company back into the good graces of investors and stabilize its business after a few rocky years.

John Foley, a co-founder of Peloton, will take on the role of executive chairman in place of McCarthy, who most recently served as Spotify’s CFO. In a flurry of headlines on Tuesday morning, the corporation lowered its sales projection, disclosed plans to eliminate 2,800 workers, and reorganized its board.

On a post-earnings conference call, Foley said that the adjustments took effect this week and added that he intended to collaborate closely with McCarthy on Peloton’s comeback. According to Foley, McCarthy and his wife are also ardent Peloton supporters and avid riders.

McCarthy’s job offer was included in a different SEC filing, and Peloton promised to pay him a base salary of $1 million. Additionally, he will receive up to $150,000 to cover the cost of moving his family to New York. According to the letter, McCarthy has the choice to buy 8 million shares of Peloton’s Class A common stock.

Peloton – Company Overview

The media and fitness equipment company Peloton Interactive, Inc. is in New York City. The main offerings from Peloton are Internet-connected treadmills and stationary bikes that let monthly users take part in sessions remotely through streaming media.

For access to classes and other features on their training equipment, Peloton charges a monthly membership fee of US$44, or $12.99 for users who just use their website or app to access the content.

In 2011, Tom Cortese, a coworker and executive at Barnes & Noble in New York City, was sold by John Foley on the idea that people with busy schedules could take a high-end studio cycling class in the comfort of their homes.