Joelle Rich Net Worth: How Rich Is Johnny Depp’s Lawyer?

Joelle is a lawyer who has been part of the Schillings Partners for a long time. Per the company website, Joelle has been a part of several defamatory cases due to print, online, or social media.

How Rich Is Johnny Depp’s Lawyer?

According to a report, the attorney has a net worth of $2 million as of 2022. She earns $250,000 annually. The main source of her income is her job as an attorney. She has been associated with the high-profile law firm that provided its services to Depp in the Amber Heard case.

Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich’s romance is a “serious deal”. Months after his court victory against his ex-wife Amber Heard, a close source has confirmed that Johnny has, once again found love. If you aren’t aware, his now-girlfriend Joelle Rich is the attorney who represented Johnny Depp during his 2018 case against The Sun, who was referred to as a “wife beater”. However, they lost this case in 2020.

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