Joe Rohde Biography, Age, Earring, Animal Kingdom, Projects, and Aulani

Joe Rohde Biography

Joe Rohde born Joseph Rohde is a veteran executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, the division of The Walt Disney Company that designs and builds Disney’s theme parks and resort hotels. Rohde’s formal title is Executive Designer and Vice President, Creative.

Joe Rohde Age

Rohde was born on September 10, 1955, Sacramento, California. He is 63 years as of 2018.

Joe Rohde Height

He stands at a height of 5 feet tall.

Rohde Joe Earring

Joe Rohde Salary

The salary of a Disney Imagineer depends in part on what your position is and how long you have been working there. For example, the average salary for a Disney Imagineer intern is around $23.13 an hour and can range as high or low as $28 and $20 respectively.

Joe Rohde Animal Kingdom

By far, Rohde’s biggest contribution to Disney parks came when he served as the lead designer for Animal Kingdom. To help pitch the idea of the park to then Disney chairman Michael Eisner, Rohde brought a live Bengal tiger to his presentation. While designing the Animal Kingdom lands of Africa and Asia, Rohde and others studied cities and villages in both continents, striving for authenticity in detail. Rohde has even shown images on his social media accounts of actual African and Asian villages interspersed with images of the villages in Animal Kingdom to see if people can tell the difference.

Joe Rohde Wife

No information about her wife is displayed to the public.

Joe Rohde Yeti

Based on Rohde’s social media posts: Yes, he is aware that the Expedition Everest yeti needs to be fixed, and no, he isn’t certain when it will happen.

Joe Rohde Quotes

“There are details within details within details to anchor you in the fact that we are talking about the real world, not an illustrated children’s book fantasy world.” ~ Joe Rohde

“We go to the mountain for enlightenment, for self-realization, for adventure, for discovery. It’s pregnant with meaning. When people see a mountain, they invest it with meaning. Not plot. Not character.” ~ Joe Rohde

“Expedition EVEREST adds a new dimension to our storytelling in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s a thrilling adventure themed to the folklore of the mysterious yeti.” ~ Joe Rohde

“It’s an adventure. I mean I spent a lot of time in the Himalayas and over the years have come to know them very well. I would say most important is the first sense you have in a place like that, and that is the sense of being on an adventure.” ~ Joe Rohde

Joe Rohde Art

Rohde is an executive with Walt Disney Imagineering, the branch of the company that conceptualizes, designs, and builds large scale entertainment and resort venues around the world. Joe was the principal force behind the creation of Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando

Rohde Projects

  1. Aulani
  2. Disney’s the Animal Kingdom
  3. Expedition Everest
  4. Tower of Terror (Tokyo DisneySea) – Model for Harrison Hightower III
  5. Adventurers Club
  6. Captain EO – Character designer
  7. Norway Pavilion
  8. New Fantasyland
  9. Mexico Pavilion – Painter
  10. The American Adventure – Voice of Alexander Graham Bell
  11. Imageworks – Portrayed Dreamfinder in the Dreamfinder’s School of Drama films.

Joe Rohde Pandora

Rohde was the creative mind behind Animal Kingdom’s Pandora, from the world of James Cameron’s 2009 film “Avatar.”

Joe Rohde Aulani

In 2007, Disney announced its intention to build a resort in Hawai’i. Rohde served as one of the lead designers for the Disney Resort & Spa. Rohde’s attention to cultural detail can be seen throughout the resort. Even its logo, a curved arch, was drawn from the shape of a traditional Hawaiian canoe.

Rohde Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $12 Million

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