Jessica Delp – Biography, Parents, All About Kris Bryant’s Wife

When a woman is married to an extraordinary person, then such a person undoubtedly deserves to be known, maybe she also has something extraordinary. One such person is Jessica Delp, the wife of Major League Baseball (MLB) star Kris Bryant. Her superstar husband is a highly skilled baseball player who graduated from college with 54 homers and, during his professional career, became the youngest player in his baseball club to hit a long. shot in a World Series game that helped the team win their first championship after a 108-year title drought.

The couple have been together for a very long time according to reports, they started dating when they were sophomores in high school. They continued their relationship through their college years, although they attended different institutions of higher education. The latter two finally got married not too long ago and everyone who keeps in touch with them agrees that they complement each other in every possible way.

Seeing that we already have an article on Bryan, let’s give his wife the singular honor of dedicating this entire web page to her, while telling you all that we have discovered about her.

Jessica Delp – Bio

Jessica Delp celebrates her birthday every 4th of March as she was born on this day under the birth sign Pieces in 1992. She is of white ethnicity and undoubtedly an American nationality. Jessica was raised in Nevada, Las Vegas alongside her older brother who is named Tomo.

As a young high school kid, she was enrolled in Bonanza High School where she excelled in both her academics and her sports, including softball and basketball. It was while at Bonanza that she met her future husband (Kris Bryant) and he was also exceptionally athletic. By the time of her graduation in 2010, Delp had put on enough outstanding performances to make her school’s honors list alongside Kris.

She then enrolled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) to study psychology. In college, she did not deviate from what she was known for in high school, she also did well in her studies and on the field as an athlete. Over time, Jessica Delp completed all of the requirements for a psychology degree from UNLV, following her graduation in 2014.

After graduating and keepingHis relationship with Kris Bryant is still alive despite the 325 kilometers that separate them during their studies in different colleges. Jessica built her post-college career in and around her husband’s budding baseball career. When she studied psychology at UNLV, Kris Bryant went to the University of San Diego, where he started out with a major in biology before moving into finance. Kris played baseball and excelled while in school. It was for this reason that he was signed to MLB in 2013 by the Chicago Cubs. He has been with the club since then and has been very successful in his career.

When Kris graduated from college in 2014, Jessica Delp did, the two rekindled their love and commitment to each other. In December 2015, Bryan proposed to Jessica and on January 7, 2017, the longtime best friends got married.

Delp has been very visible in the book of her husband’s baseball career. She is his number 1 fan and his strong support system. The psychologist helped organize the ‘Cub Scout’s Favorite Things Auction’, which saw her fill a basket with her husband’s favorite things for club fans to buy at the auction . She has also identified with different charitable groups, including the Jason Motte Foundation, which raises funds to improve the lives of cancer patients.

Who are his parents?

Other than the name Yoko Delp which is said to be Jessica Delp’s mother’s name, not much is known about her family; his father in particular. The little information we have about his parents relates to his mother.

According to reports, Jessica and her brother Tomo, combined their financial resources in December 2017, bought their mother a beautiful and worthy Jeep. She revealed on her Twitter account that the car was a thank you gift for all her sacrifices over the years.

Quick Facts About Kris Bryant’s Wife

  • She was born on March 4, 1992
  • Jessica Delp attended Bonanza High School and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she studied psychology.
  • Just like her husband, she is also athletic. She played basketball and a variation of baseball known as softball in high school.
  • Like most celebrities, you can find her on social media @Jess__bryant (Twitter) and jess__bryant (Instagram).