Jefferson Machado Cause of Death

Brazilian actor, Jefferson Machado has been reported dead. He was found dead inside a trunk buried outside of a home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His death was confirmed by his close friend, Cintia Hilsendeger.

It is with great regret that we inform you that Jeff was found dead on 05/22/2023,” she wrote in a post.

Jefferson was coldly and brutally murdered by envious, evil, and of course unscrupulous people,” she added.

According to the authorities, the actor’s body was discovered bound and stuffed inside a wooden chest, which had been encased in concrete and buried 6 feet beneath the backyard of a house in the Campo Grande neighborhood.

He had his arms tied behind his head and buried in the trunk that is very similar to the ones in his own house,” the family lawyer, Kairo Magalhaes, also shared in a statement.

He added that the body which was identified using fingerprints, had a line on the neck, indicating that he was strangled.

Machado was reported missing in January 2023 after police shared that he was last spotted in Campo Grande. His disappearance was announced after an NGO revealed that all his dogs have been abandoned in his house for days.

Born in 1979, Jefferson Machado started acting in 1997. He starred in several movies and soap operas including the 2021 film Placebo Effect (Efeito Placibo) which he also co-wrote.

He played his final role as a Philistine in the 2022 telenovela Reis.