Jason Segel – Bio, Height, Married, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Dating, Girlfriend

Jason Segel is easily one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. An entertainer whose sense of humor brought him fame, Segel has impressive credits both on the small and silver screens. Besides his popularity as an actor, not many are aware that the fan favorite is also musically gifted and takes credit for some hit movie soundtracks and songs. Discover lesser-known facts about the award-winning actor, comedian, screenwriter, author, songwriter, and singer.

Jason Segel Bio (Age)

Jason Segel is a native of California born on January 18, 1980. He is one of Alvin and Jillian Segel’s three children. Jason and his siblings had a very comfortable upbringing near Malibu, California as their dad was a lawyer and their mom a homemaker.

Jason attended Harvard-Westlake School. Though he was quite tall and athletic during his teen days, Segel had other interests. His inclinations towards the performing arts were evident as a teenager when he began making his own movies.

It was during this time that his talents caught the attention of a Hollywood executive, thus Jason made a life-changing decision of ditching college for an acting career.


Jason Segel debuted on the acting scene at the age of 18 after he landed a role on Freaks and Geeks in 1999. The young actor’s outstanding performance in the cult classic TV series brought him relative fame and set the tone for other subsequent roles. Between 2001 and 2002, he also appeared on Freaks and Geeks as well as the showrunner’s follow-up sitcom Undeclared. Jason had a major breakthrough in the year 2005 when he landed the role of Marshall Eriksen in the hit TV series How I Met Your Mother. He garnered critical acclaim on the popular CBS sitcom which aired for nine seasons (from 2005 to 2014).

Segel chose to work both behind and in front of the camera, writing and starring in the 2008 rom-com Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The actor has since established himself as a comic actor and accumulated other screen credits. His other notable features include Knocked Up (2007), the 2009 movie I Love You, Man, two comedies in 2010 – Get Him to the Greek and Gulliver’s Travels, Bad Teacher (2011), The Five-Year Engagement (2012), as well as 2015’s The End of the Tour.

Jason Segel is also a voice actor and fans of the 2010 hit animated film Despicable Me would recognize his voice as villain Victor “Vector” Perkins. Besides his fame as an actor and screenwriter, it is uncommon knowledge that Jason is also a musician and songwriter whose songs have also been featured on some of his acting projects. Notably, Segel is credited for writing most of Get Him to the Greek‘s soundtrack in 2010, and also for co-writing and producing the 2011 musical comedy The Muppets.

Segel’s numerous efforts in the entertainment industry have been recognized both locally and internationally. Notably, he is a 2011 recipient of the Critics Choice Award for Best Song for The Muppets’ “Life’s a Happy Song”. Others are the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 as well as the 2014 Scott Brown Memorial Award.

His Net Worth

In addition to awards and recognition, Jason Segel’s acting career has undoubtedly earned him financial rewards. While details of the actor’s earnings are unknown, he has a net worth currently estimated at $30 million.

Wife/Girlfriend, Is Jason Segel Dating or Married?

Jason Segel is not and has never been married…at least not yet! However, he is known to have been in several high profile relationships mostly with his colleagues. Though the actor has tried to keep details of his love life under the radar, they still manage to somehow become headliners.

In 2001, Segel was romantically linked to actress Linda Cardellini. The pair dated for six long years before parting ways in 2007. In fact, the emotional effects of their relationship were reflected in the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The actor soon moved on to other women. In 2009, he was romantically linked to Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Ryan, and Chloë Sevigny. Next, between 2012 and 2013, he dated Michelle Williams and later Bojana Novakovic (from 2013 to 2014).

Jason is currently in a relationship with photographer Alexis Mixter. The pair began dating in 2014 and, are presumed to be waxing strong together; fans hope their love story ends happily ever after.

Height and Other Facts

1. The dark brown-haired actor towers at an enviable height of 6 feet 4 inches, complemented by weight of about 92 kg.

2. It is uncommon knowledge that the screenplay of Forgetting Sarah Marshall was partly inspired by Segel’s personal experiences.

3. Though he was raised by a Jewish dad and a Christian mother, Jason Segel is a practicing member of a non-denominational spiritual organization. The actor is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church.

4. In the course of his career, Jason has had to take some good but uncomfortable measures in order to properly fit into roles. One of such is a considerable weight loss for the 2014 rom-com Sex Tape. He was forced to undergo a strict diet and structured fitness routine by Hollywood executives at Universal Studios.