James Scully Wife Or Gay Partner: Is He Married? Relationship History And Sexuality Of Fire Island Cast

In James Scully’s upcoming movie Fire Island, the titular setting is the famous gay escape destination. So, his sexuality has been a topic of interest among his fans recently. Let’s explore the personal life and preferences of the actor.

James Scully came to prominence as Forty Quinn in the Netflix series You. His performance as Love’s beloved twin brother was very well received by audiences and critics alike.

The American actor’s upcoming movie Fire Island is set to release on Hulu on June 3, 2022. The movie is inspired by Jane Austen’s book Pride and Prejudice and stars Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang, Conrad Ricamora, and Margaret Cho.

James Scully Wife Or Gay Partner

American actor James Scully has openly come out as a gay man. He has mentioned that he has been in a relationship with men in his past. The actor has kept his current love life secretive and has not revealed about his boyfriend.

The You actor is very open when it comes to his sexuality. In an interview with Glamour magazine, Scully opened up about his sexuality and his preferences. Apparently, he likes his partner to be a little rough on him and does not like traditional cute kinds of love relationships.

James’ elder sister previously came out as a lesbian before he could muster the courage to tell his parents, which James recalls, helped him to open up about his inner feelings. He first realized that he was gay when he was 12.

Moreover, James revealed that he dated several men in his past. He also opened up about hooking up with random strangers in weird places.

Is James Scully Married?

Though the endgame for James Scully’s love life is to fall in love with a man and get married, he is still unmarried as of now. He likes to consider his possibilities and the future before committing to anybody for a serious relationship.

However, the Heathers star has had several hookups in his past. He has not been afraid to open up about his past relationships. He describes himself as the kind of person that explores possibilities and experiments with his sexuality. He often identifies himself as a queer.

The 30-year-old told in an interview that his on-screen character that he can mostly relate to is Forty Quinn from the series You. He describes the scene where he breaks down and cries in Penn Badgley’s arm as one of his best moments on screen.

James is on Instagram as @scullynjames and has 300K followers.

Learn More About The Fire Island Cast

Fire Island is an upcoming movie based on Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice. The movie stars Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang, Conrad Ricamora, and Margaret Cho along with James Scully.

The movie has homosexual themes since the location Fire Island is a gay escape destination off the southern shore of Long Island. The screenplay is adapted by Joel Kim Booster and the movie is directed by Andrew Ahn.

Fire Island premieres on Hulu on June 3, 2022.