Jaime Osuna Wikipedia : Everything To Know About The Notorious Killer

The convicted Assasin Jaime Osuna, who has made headlines over many media, is missing on Wikipedia. Let’s find out everything about his family details and past life.

His first victim to be killed is reported to be Yvette Pena. She was a woman of 36 years old who lost her life in a California motel in 2011.

Jaime calls himself a sadistic joker and also has tattooed his face like it.

Quick Facts:

Name Jaime Osuna
Birthday 1990
Age 31 years old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Married/Single Single
Wife Joelle Castellano (Ex)
Children son

Jaime Osuna Wikipedia & Tattoos

The convicted killer and Assasin Jaime Osuna’s Wikipedia is not available at the moment.

After he killed his cellmate, Luis Romero, at Corcoran State Prison in California came to the spotlight.

They were already rumored to have been life sentenced for brutally murdering a woman in 2011.

In addition, Jaime Osuna is also recognized for his unique tattoos all over his body and face. There isn’t any revealed information on whether the tattoos have any deeper meaning or connections to him.

Jaime Osuna’s Height

Jaime Osuna’s height is not publicly revealed to this date.

However, looking at his photos, he has an average height.

Jaime Osuna’s Wife & Son

Jaime Osuna was previously married to his Ex-wife Joelle Castellano.

There were rumors that his wife Joelle was the one who called the police on him for his murder in 2011. She also reported that Jaime overtook drugs at some point which made him insane.

He and his ex-wife Joelle had a son back in 2010 whose name isn’t available, however. There are pictures of him holding his son, which went viral at that moment.

Jaime Osuna’s Family

Jaime was born to an American family residing in America.

However, he told in an interview that his stepfather raised him. His stepfather wasn’t good to him and tortured him.

There are also rumors because of his father’s abuse; he started showing signs of a notorious killer from a young age.