Jaihlen Sims Death: Canton Boy Shooting Suspect Arrested? Everything To Know

A 17-year-old Canton teenager, Jaihlen Sims dies after being shot in the head.

A Canton boy named Jaihlen Sims was reportedly killed after he was shot by a gun in his head.

The incident took place at N. Canal street where the teenager boy is reported to have been killed at his home.

Following the murder, the news quickly rose to the headlines and is gradually getting exposure among the public.

As time passes, people are growing curious over the incdent and are intersted in knowing more about the dead boy as well as if the suspect is arrested.

Thus, here is everything available to know about the boy Jaihlen Sims and his murder.

Jaihlen Sims Death: Canton Boy Shooting Suspect Arrested?

Unfortunately, the shooting suspect related to Jaihlen Sims death has not been arrested to this date.

The Canton boy was killed at his home as per sources and when the investigators arrived at the scene, no suspects were detected from the place.

Even after the investigation, which is still going on, the police were unable to catch any suspect levaing the case as open as it was initially.

Apparently, the officials have asked for public help and have requested to inform them immediately if anyone finds or sees someone similar and related to the incident.

Similarly, the investiation will continue in the coming days and the actual culprit is soon expected to be behind the bars.

Who Are Jaihlen Sims Parents?

While Jaihlen Sims’ parents are growing anxious by the officials for being unable to catch the culprit, their identities are not disclosed.

The officials have not revealed their names and other professional background because of obvious privacy reasons.

Likewise, the boy and their parents were not previously covered by the media as well.

Hence, any information about Sims’ parents and other family members are still unexplored.

Jaihlen Sims Facebook

Although Jaihlen Sims’ facebook profile has not been found, people are talking about the incident all over the social media.

The information seems to have been leaked by a Facebook user named Christopher Fields who highlighted the gunshot.

Likewise, the news about the 17-year-old boy is also getting a lot attention on other social media platfroms.

Apart from this, any other detailed investigative results are yet to be found out and we will update it as soon as it comes out.