Jahi Di’allo Winston Biography, Age, Parents, Brother, Family, Net Worth

The Lion King is one of the greatest film success stories in recent history. This means that being involved in any type of remake of this story – be it film, television or stage production – is a tremendous boost to any actor’s portfolio. In November 2014, Jahi Di’allo Winston was apparently considered good enough to play the role of Simba in the stage production of The Lion King organized by Walt Disney Theatrical Productions.

The actor has started his television career and has been in a number of successful projects such as The New Edition Story and Proud Mary. He made the move to television in 2016, but the aspiring actor has worked with an impressive array of elite actors and actresses in the film industry.

Jahi Di’allo Winston’s Bio (Age)

The actor came into the world on November 302003. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Jahi was a natural actor and did not need to attend formal training camps or academies to hone his skills. During auditions or on set, the actor became known for his ability to develop spontaneous dialogue that fits naturally when he forgets his lines. However, as far as most acting kid careers go, he started his career quite late.

He was already 11 years old when his talent was noticed on a significant scale. Winston has been selected by Walt Disney Theatrical Productions to play the prominent role of Simba in the incidental music production of The Lion King. He was delighted and grabbed the offer with both hands.

Jahi Di’allo Winston began his role as Simba in the Broadway musical in December 2014. He held the role for over a year, finally ending in March 2016. The actor was always talented, but his stint as Simba gave him a much-needed one Experience and courage to switch from Broadway to television.

He made his foray into television when he appeared in AMC’s drama series Feed the Beast playing the recurring role of Andre for a total of 9 episodes.

The following year was the best and busiest of the young actor’s career so far. He was involved in a number of projects beginning with the miniseries The New Edition Story. He played the younger version of Ralph Tresvant, a character created by Algee Smith. Di’allo followed with the role of Anthony in The Upside, a comedy-drama directed by Neil Burger. He was MJ Black on Libby and Malcolm.

In 2018, he played a major in Taraji P. Henson’s hit action drama Proud Mary. Jahi Di’allo Winston played the character Dannywho is found by a hitwoman – played by Taraji Henson – after a professional hit doesn’t go as planned. That same year, Jahi also starred as Luke O’Neil in 10 episodes of Everything Sucks, and Trevor Conforth in one episode of The Inhabitant.

The young actor rounded out the year with another appearance in the screenplay series The Plug. He played Kendall Burdett. In 2019, Jahi Winston Geronimo was in fantasy horror The Dead Don’t Die.

Jahi has also started making some friends in the industry. Some of them are his Everything Sucks co-stars, Peyton Kennedy and Quinn Darling.

The actor also loves to sing and has the whistles to back it up as well. You can find some of his singing videos on Youtube such as “Jahi Winston from The New Edition Story Singing”, “Jahi Winston…Talented Singer” and “Jahi Winston’s Impromptu Lord I’m Available”. He hopes to emulate his role model Michael Jackson sometime in the near future.

His family: parents and brother

Beyond the identity of its member family, nothing else is known about Jahi Winston’s parents and siblings – what they do, where they study and so on. The actor was only there for a short time. All of these details are expected to emerge over time.

Jahi Di’allo Winston was born to his mother Juakena Winston and his father Darryl Winston. He has two siblings, Jelani and Sekayi Winston. The actor loves spending time with members of his extended family. Photos on his social media show him enjoying himself with his parents, siblings, cousins ​​and even friends.

Jahi Di’allo Winston Net Worth

Jahi has appeared in a number of successful projects. He shared the set with the likes of Billy Brown, Danny Glover, Nicole Kidman, David Schwimmer, Felicity Huffman, Meek Mill, Bill Murray, Kevin Hart, and Mary J. Blige.

However, he is still in the early stages of his career and has yet to start raking in the big bucks. According to some sources, the actor is not doing too bad either. His numerous television series are reported to bring in between $8,000 and $12,000 per episode. His net worth is also estimated to be around $300,000.