Jack Barton

Jack barton is an up and coming actor that came into the limelight after he starred as Foldo in the new series called The Letter for the King recently on Netflix. He has also starred in another TV series called Grantchester in 2014 as Chris Hartley. He has been training in theatres for over several years now.

Quick Facts: Jack Barton

Name Jack Barton
Birthday N/A
Age Around 23 Years Old
Gender Male
Height Around 6’2″
Nationality English
Ethnicity British-English
Profession Actor
Net Worth N/A
Married/Single N/A
Education The Oxford school of Drama
Instagram @jack.barton
Twitter @jackwrbarton

Coming from London, England and being very new to the showbiz since he recently started his proper career of acting in 2020, there is not much that is out on the internet that we can know about Barton. He does have an instagram account with about 900 followers as @jack.barton and he has started posting the updates to his new life after getting involved in the showbiz.

10 facts on Jack Barton

  • Jack lives in London, England right now and from his appearances on different shows we can know that he is around 22-25 years of age.
  • With being new to the showbiz, the information regarding his family and past is not well known.
  • He seems really focused on his work in the current show ‘The Letter for the King’ so it looks like he hasn’t been able to stay present and active on the internet.
  • Jack is famous for starring as Foldo in the latest series on Netflix ‘The Letter for the King’.
  • He has full confidence despite having little experience in career of acting since he has been appearing in several plays over the past few years.
  • He has also starred in a British TV show.
  • Jack trained as a Theatre actor at The Oxford School of Drama that is in his hometown of London.
  • Jack Barton knows how to fly an airplane of decent size and he also skydives occasionally.
  • The United Artists represent Jack and through his resume we can know that the actor can play roles between the age of 18-30.
  • Although he does not have a lot of following on his social platforms, he continues to share his photography skills and experiences in life.