Issey Miyake’s Wife – Who Was He Married To? Japanese Fashioner Designer Dies At 84

Japanese fashion designer, Issey Miyake, known for designing and production of the black turtlenecks which would become Steve Jobs’ signature attire, has passed away.

In an interview, Jobs, who had a close friendship with Miyake, said that when he asked the designer to make some of his black turtlenecks, he produced hundreds of them.

Born on 22 April 1938 in Hiroshima, Japan, Miyake witnessed the atomic bombing in August 1945. Later, he revealed that he did not want to be known as the designer who survived the atom bomb.

He gained interest in fashion after seeing his sister’s fashion magazine. In 1964, he graduated with a degree in graphic design from the Tama Art University in Tokyo. He later enrolled in the Chambre Syndicale de la couture Parisienne school in Paris. Later in 1969, he moved to New York, returned to Tokyo in 1970, and founded Miyake Design Studio.

He passed away from liver cancer in Tokyo. He was 84 years old. Following his death, many famous people posted numerous tributes and obituaries online.

People are also keen to know about the personal life of the legendary fashion designer and what his married life was like. Was he ever married, or did he have any children? Let’s take a look at private life of Miyake.

Full Name Issey Miyake (三宅 一生)
Date of Birth 22 April 1938
Place of Birth Hiroshima, Japan
Date of Death 5 August 2022 (aged 84)
Place of Death Tokyo, Japan
Cause of Death Liver Cancer
Profession Fashion Designer
Famous For Steve Jobs’ signature turtleneck

Issey Miyake’s Wife – Who Was He Married?

There is no information about the married life of Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake. As a result, the identity of his wife remains a mystery.

There is no mention of the wife of the recently deceased fashion designer from Hiroshima. It is also unclear whether he was married or not in the first place.

Despite being a world-famous person, the personal life of Issey Miyake remains untouched by the media. There is not much information about his romantic relationships or private life on the internet.

There is a possibility that the designer didn’t marry in his lifetime. Many people choose not to be in a marital relationship for various reasons. Maybe the career was very dear to Miyake, and he didn’t think of marrying and settling down.

Also, there is no mention of Miyake’s children. So, there is a real possibility that the famed designer from Japan remained unmarried his whole life.

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Japanese Fashioner Designer Issey Miyake Passes Away

Famed Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake, most widely known for producing Steve Jobs’ signature turtlenecks, died at age 84.

Miyake was known for his technology-driven clothing designs and production techniques. His innovative method of pleating would allow both ease of production and flexibility of movement for the wearer.

The Japanese designer was the founder of Miyake Design Studio and the Issey Miyake Group. Moreover, he created several brands and lines of clothing, which became very famous both in Japan and worldwide.

The 84-year-old was also known for his high-end fragrances, such as L’eau d’Issey, which has become his best-known product. The perfume, a light aquatic floral designed for women, was launched in 1992. Miyake himself created the bottle of the fragrance while in Paris based on the view of the moon behind the Eiffel Tower.

Miyake won numerous awards for his works and contribution to the fashion industry in his career spanning more than five decades. He was awarded the Arts and Philosophy Kyoto Prize in 2006, Japan’s Order of Culture in 2010, XXIII Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI in 2014, and many other recognitions.

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Issey Miyake Cause Of Death- Died Of Cancer

The Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake died of liver cancer in a hospital in Tokyo at age 84. He had had cancer for quite some time.

Also, the statement revealed that, as per Miyake’s wishes, no funeral or memorial service was held. Instead, his body was privately cremated. That’s why, though he already died on 5 August, the news of his death just broke on 9 August.

Following the news of Miyake’s death, people posted hundreds of tributes on social media. From news portals to people in the fashion industry, many posted about the sadness in the passing of the clothing legend. Miyake’s works have touched generations. He will be dearly missed.