Is Vince Vitrano Leaving TMJ4, Where Is He Going? Everything To Know

Vince Vitrano is leaving TMJ4 after 21 years as he confirms he is ready to make the jump from TV to radio.

Anchor of TMJ4 Vince Vitrano has worked primarily in television. So, his transition from TV to radio will be a challenging one.

Until now, he was reporting the morning and noon news alongside Susan Kim. In 2019, he was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors for Special Olympics Wisconsin.

Is Vince Vitrano Leaving TMJ4?

Reportedly, he had announced his departure in November 2021. Finally, the day has come as his colleagues wave him goodbye from the show.

Well, his co-anchor, Susan congratulates him for all these years of success. Although he is leaving, he hasn’t ruled out coming back on TV in the future.

Speaking more about Vince, he is a Wauwatosa East High School alum. Reportedly, he completed his BA degree in Communication from St. Norbert College.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Vitrano had started his career in 1995 after joining CBS News as their anchor, reporter, and producer. Also, he had worked for Midwest Radio Group as the host of 1440 WNFL.

Moving on, he became the chairman of Special Olympics Wisconsin in March 2019. Currently, he serves as one of the board members of The First TeeThe.

Well, he is an Emmy Award-winning journalist. Undoubtedly, TMJ4 News will find it hard to find another personality to replace his role.

Does Vince Vitrano Have A Wife? Family Details Explored

Vince Vitrano is married to his beautiful wife, Nicole Vitrano.

According to his bio, Nicole hails from Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Thus, we can confirm that her nationality is American.

Other than that, Show Biz Corner has no details to show regarding his spouse. Also, we are clueless about how the couples met and for how long they have been married.

Nonetheless, we have come to know that Vince and Nicole are the proud parents of three children – EllaMax, and Olivia. Indeed, the reporter often shares their photographs on his social media.

The family of five currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To learn more, you can follow Vince on Instagram (@vvitrano).

Get To Know Vince Vitrano Salary In 2022

Vince Vitrano’s salary is probably in the thousands but he is yet to confirm the exact income.

Moreover, Show Biz Corner predicts that his net worth is around a million. To be clear, Vince hasn’t spoken much about his economy publicly.

Where Is Vince Vitrano Going?

According to On Milwaukee, he believes that following Gene is a great honor as well as a terrifying challenge. Well, he has been listening to the news program from the very beginning.