Is Stephen A Smith Fired Or Suspended From First Take? Wife And Whereabouts Now

Stephen A. Smith is a famous television personality who has not appeared on his daily show on ESPN’s First Take. He revealed that his absence was due to shoulder surgery and that he is recovering.

Smith is a well-known sports television personality, sports radio host, and journalist. He currently co-hosts ESPN’s First Take as a commentator with Molly Qerim.

Furthermore, he frequently appears on SportsCenter as an NBA expert. As an NBA commentator, he also contributes to NBA Countdown and NBA broadcasts on ESPN.

On ESPN Radio, he hosted a show named The Stephen A. Smith Show. Moreover, he writes a regular piece for The Philadelphia Inquirer,, and

 Is Stephen A Smith Fired Or Suspended From First Take?

Stephen A Smith is absent for most of July on ESPN’s First Take, a show he is on daily. Due to his absence, many people speculated about him getting fired.

However, the speculations were false as the analyst finally spoke about his absence on Twitter. He mentioned that he has been off the air for the time being because he is recovering from shoulder surgery.

Furthermore, the commentator explained in detail why the surgery occurred. He has a partial tear in his rotator cuff and bicep, a frayed labrum, and a bone spur.

It is unknown how the 54-year-old sustained the injury from which he is currently healing. But, he mentioned the tear was due to aging.

As stated in his tweet, he will appear on the show sometime next month. As for now, several hosts will likely step in to host the show in Smith’s place, including ESPN’s Keyshawn Johnson, who was on the show on Monday morning and sparred with Kendrick Perkins.

Stephen A Smith Wife

Stephen does not have a wife, but he was once engaged. He does not talk much about his personal life or love life when asked and tries to avoid such questions. However, in an interview with GQ magazine, he revealed that he has two daughters who are currently thirteen and fourteen.

When asked why he did not take his engagement further, he mentioned it did not work out, and they had to separate. Unfortunately, he did not reveal who his fiance was at the time.

Where Is Stephen A Smith Now?

Smith is currently out of surgery and recuperating. According to his tweet, it sounds like he plans to return to ESPN in August, at the earliest, though.

The recovery takes a whole month to heal, and getting back on the show right after surgery is not a good choice for him. It is Smith’s second lengthy absence in recent months; he lost a few weeks last winter due to a nasty case of COVID-19.