Is Serhat Ahmet Married? Antiques Roadshow Host Relationship and Family Life

Fans want to know whether or not Serhat Ahmet, a second-generation antique trader specializing in European porcelain, notably from 1720 to 1935, is married at this age.

He also hosts Antiques Road Trip, broadcast by BBC1 throughout the country. He has been fond of collecting historical items since a very young age as he is from a family of traders who dates back decades.

Apart from being an antique dealer, he likes to practice mixed martial arts. He is also known for appearing on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow and Antiques Road Trip.

Is Serhat Ahmet Married?

He is probably married as we can see a ring on his ring finger, another used by married people to describe themselves as a married person. However, he has not said anything about his marriage through social media or any mainstream media houses.

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He is a very private person when it comes to his personal information. He posts more about antique items rather than his personal life on Instagram. He started working in the antique business when he was only 15 years old.

Serhat Ahmet, an expert on the Antiques Roadshow, revealed in an interview with Homes & Antiques that he became fascinated with European porcelain while still in school.

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Serhat Ahmet’s Husband/ Wife And Relationships

He isn’t reported to be married to anyone, but we can see a ring on his ring finger, which explains much more than he speaks about his marital life. People also consider him gay because of such minimal interaction with female personalities on his social media handles.

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He is from London, England, and also holds a British nationality. He started his company o buying antiques after being inspired by his fathers and grandfathers, who were also readers and had been doing these jobs for numerous years.

Serhat Ahmet, Presenter At Antiques Roadshow

Serhat has enjoyed his life as an antique merchant for many years. Likes to engage with the proper vendors and gather vintage items. It is a supplier of European ceramics with a history dating back more than 200 years, and the Serhat family has long been a prominent trader.

He decided to carry on with everything the family had started when the time came. Antique Road Trip was introduced to the general public.

He once appeared on Tv with Christina Trevanion, with whom he went on a road trip from Sheffield to Coventry to host the Antiques Road Trip program.