Is Hamish Watson Scottish? His Parents And Nationality

No, Hamish Watson is not Scottish; instead, his parents gave him birth in England, so his nationality became British.

He was born on the 15th of October, 1991, in Manchester, England, to British parents, but the details about his parents are currently unknown.

Hamish got into the Scotland rugby team only after proving he had Glaswegian grandparents as necessary to establish the inheritance.

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Similarly, his parents must have been born in England itself, and they must have been moving to a different place for the sake of Hamish.

Moreover, he is grateful for being a British national and has been representing Scotland and Great Britain as a whole on the international platform.

His parents must also be very proud of their son as he achieved his dream through his hard work and their constant support.

Where Is Hamish Watson From?

Hamish Watson is actually from England, but he has been moving from different isles of Great Britain for his professional career.

Although he was born in Manchester, he went to Edinburgh at 19 and has lived there since then, playing for the Scottish team.

After getting his school-level education at Terra Nova School, he went to Oakham, Rutland, to play at the Leicester Tigers Academy to excel his skills.

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He has been playing the game of Rugby since he was just eight years old and had been fueling his passion with hard work and sheer dedication.

Besides, after moving to Scotland in 2011, he started his professional rugby journey by playing for Edinburgh Castle at IRB Junior World Championships.

Meet Hamish Watson Wife Lucy

Hamish Watson has been married to his beautiful wife Lucy since around three years back.

He tied the knot to Lucy at a Scottish wedding ceremony held at Sibbertoft on the 3rd of June, 2019, and has lived happily together since then.

Likewise, they were in a relationship for quite a long time and had already become parents to a beautiful daughter before their matrimonial association.

Although he is present on most social media platforms, he rarely shares his personal life on it, so we can believe he wants to keep it private.

Furthermore, we can follow him on Instagram and Twitter under the handles @hamishwatson07 and @hamishwatson07, respectively.