Is Rick Allen of Def Leppard married? Is Rick Allen still with Def Leppard?

Rick Allen, a well-known musician, is renowned for his amazing ability to play the drums with one hand. He started on his journey to becoming a one-handed drummer after a tragic car accident cost him his left arm.

His arm was first reattached, but an illness eventually called for its removal. Allen, though, determined that he would not let this setback prevent him from following his passion for music.

Along with lead singer Joe Elliott and drummer Jeff Rich, he created a unique blend of acoustic and electronic drums that allowed him to play the same rhythms with his other arm and his feet.

He was able to continue touring with Def Leppard because of this innovative system, and he has since developed more advanced versions of the equipment.

In addition to his musical accomplishments, Allen has used his position to change society. With the aid of his second wife, Lauren Monroe, he established the Raven Drum Foundation, a nonprofit organization that uses healing arts to assist veterans and those in need.

The foundation wants to make it possible for people to express themselves creatively and find healing and hope.

Because of his unwavering devotion to his trade, perseverance in it, and desire to enhance the lives of others, Allen is an inspiration to many.

Is Rick Allen of Def Leppard married?

Yes, Rick Allen married Lauren Monroe in 2003. The Raven Drum Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Allen and his wife Lauren Monroe. In order to raise money for the Raven Drum Foundation, Allen also established the One Hand Drum Business.

Is Rick Allen still with Def Leppard?

Yes, since 1978, Rick Allen has been a member of the hard rock band Def Leppard.