Is Rick Allen a good drummer? Why does Rick Allen wear headphones?

Since 1978, renowned English drummer Richard John Cyril Allen has played a significant role in the hard rock band Def Leppard.

He is regarded favorably by his adherents and is referred to as “The Thunder God.” On the UK website Gigwise, he is ranked as the ninth best drummer of all time.

On the afternoon of December 31, 1984, while driving west of Sheffield in the countryside on the A57, Allen and his then-girlfriend Miriam Barendsen were seriously injured in a car accident.

He crashed his Corvette C4 against a dry stone wall and into a field while attempting to pass another vehicle quickly.

He lost his left arm as a result of an accident. Although originally they were able to reconnect his limb, physicians finally had to amputate it due to an infection. Allen, though, was insistent on continuing to play the drums despite losing his arm.

He made an adaptation by using an electronic drum set designed expressly for use with Def Leppard. On August 16, 1986, until Allen triumphantly made a comeback at the Monsters of Rock festival held at Castle Donington, the band took a break from live performances.

Is Rick Allen a good drummer?

Yes, fans refer to Rick Allen as “The Thunder God”. He is listed as the seventh greatest drummer of all time by the UK website Gigwise.

Why does Rick Allen wear headphones?

Rick can hear the drum loops he’s triggering thanks to the headphones. This enables him to improvise and live-create incredibly intricate percussion parts. From Rick Allen’s collection.