Is Regina Leaving A Million Little Things? Christina Moses Health Condition and Illness

Is Regina, Christina Moses, leaving ‘A Million Little Things? Here is everything you want to know about Regina and her illness.

Christina Marie Moses is an actress based in America. She was featured in The CW’s limited series Containment. A Million Little Things helped her to come to highlight.

A Million Little Things, is a family drama created by DJ Nash for ABC. Christina Moses is one of the casts playing the role of Regina. The fourth season was premiered last month.

Is Regina Leaving A Million Little Things?

Regina is not leaving “A Million Little Things.” Often we can hear that one of the casts members is leaving but, Regina is still around.

During the Interview session with Christina, she reveals that she loves to cook and does her cooking. During episode 11, Regina got a health issue due to her head injuries.

Regina and others protested for a Black Lives Matter protest and got injured. In season 2, Regina and Rome were supposed to adopt a child which, was not given to them.

Regin’s parents were divorced, and her uncle sexually assaulted her when she was 12 years old. Regina’s mother is Shelly, played by actor Romy Rosemont.

Neil molested Regina saying, that she is beautiful though she was not invited, to the school dance. He asked her to remove her shirt that, she agreed as she wanted to be beautiful.

Christina Moses Health Condition and Illness

Christina Moses was born on January 24, 1978, and her age is 43 years as of now. She was born and brought up by her parents in Los Angeles, California.

She later moved to New York City. She is known for depicting Regina Howard on A Million Little Things on ABC’s Theatrics TV series.

There is no detail on her health condition or illness. She is a famous actress and knows how to keep herself fit and fine. So far, she is living a healthy life.

But her character Regina had a head injury while attending the protest against Black Lives Matter.

Meet Christina Moses Husband and Family

Christina Moses doesn’t have a husband. She is leading a single life so far. She is dating Jake Demaray who is an entertainer and chief. He belongs to Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The couple was spotted in public places occasionally. Jake Demaray is known for his work in ChinaNow, Fifty Pills and Through Your Eyes.

Her parents are Tom Moses and her European mother. Her father was of an African-American Ethnicity. He was an acting teacher and a writer.