Is Piper Perabo Deaf? 

After portraying a deaf photographer on a bear hunting trip, Piper Perabo sparked a lot of speculation about her deafness. Her acting in the movie was so original that many people thought she was deaf in real life.

In reality, however, she is not deaf. She had to learn sign language to be able to act in the famous movie Red Machine. She has said that working in that movie proved very interesting and informative as she got to know about a different form of communication.

This was not the only occasion that showed Piper’s dedication as an actor. She, in Covet Affairs, acted in 18 different languages. Talk about being multilingual. Of all the languages she learned for the role, she considers Mandarin to be the hardest.

Piper Perabo Husband

Piper got married to her husband, Stephen Kay, in 2014. After being together for a few years, the couple got engaged in 2013 and married a year later on July 26, 2014, in New York City.

Stephen Kay himself is a well-heard-of person in the movie industry. He is an American actor, director, and writer. The 58-year-old American was born in 1963 and has directed the films Get Carter and Boogeyman.

Many fans have been waiting to see Piper in a movie directed by Stephen. They did, however, collaborate in the TV series Covert Affairs. Piper was starring in the series that Stephen wrote and directed.

How Much is Piper Perabo Worth?

Piper has an impressive net worth of about $10 million. The Golden Globe-nominated actress is one of the most frequent faces of Hollywood. With her intense acting abilities, she is slowly turning into one of the first picks among actresses in the industry.

After beginning her career almost two decades ago, she is still considered one of the finest actresses for method acting and supporting roles. She shot into fame after playing as a wife of Hugh Jackman in the Christopher Nolan-directed movie The Prestige.

She was born in Texas to her parents. However, her parents come from different origins. Her mother was originally from Norway, and her father comes from Irish sources.

 Is Piper Leaving The Big Leap?

Multiple media reports have claimed that Piper will leave The Big Leap, but there is no official confirmation of the fact. The actress has not said anything of the sort.

The Big Leap is a TV series based on the concept of second chances of fulfilling someone’s dreams. Besides, its unique concept and storyline have managed to attract the audience’s admiration. The fans are hoping to see the second season of the excellent TV series. 

After the rumors of the second season, multiple media platforms reported Piper left the show, but there is nothing official to confirm the fact yet.