Is Margaret Brennan Pregnant Again With Husband Yado Yakub? Baby No. 2 (Expecting Boy or Girl)


Is Margaret Brennan Pregnant Again With Husband Yado Yakub? Margaret Brennan Baby No. 2 (Expecting Boy or Girl) Margaret Due Date, Weight Gain Loss Info.

Born in Stamford, Connecticut, Margaret Brennan is an American journalist. The gorgeous lady is based in Washington, D.C. She is the current moderator of CBS News’ Face the Nation. In fact, she is the networks’ senior correspondent. Prior to Face the Nation, Margaret was a White House correspondent for CBS Network. She covered Washington since 2012. Though Margaret is a leading face for the CBS Network, she has a long way joining the network. In fact, prior to the network, she worked as an anchor on Bloomberg TV. Moreover, she also worked as a CNBC correspondent to NBC News. While she had a long way to the top of her career, she now enjoys a huge fan base as well as a good fortune. In addition to her professional life, Margaret is also popular for her love life. In fact, the lady is recently a hot top. Well, she is reportedly expecting her second child with husband Yado Yakub. Is the gorgeous journalist pregnant, or is it just another celebrity hoax in the town? Let’s find out.

How Much is Margaret Brennan’s Net Worth/ Salary in 2019?

Margaret Brennan’s makes her living through her professiona as a journalist. As of 2019, she enjoys a massive net worth of $5 million. Well, her net worth hints that the lady could be making a colossal income working the CBS News Network. In fact, her annual income fro the channel is reported at $300 thousand. Meanwhile, Margaret’s husband is a lawyer and Marine Corps’ officer. Though the details of his income aren’t public, he could be enjoying a hefty income, just like his wife.

Margaret Brennan Husband Yado Yakub: Marriage/ Children

Margaret Brennan and her husband Ali Iyad Yakub are now together for a long time. In fact, she met Yakuub during their sophomore year at the University of Virginia. Apparently, the lady didn’t like Yakub at the beginning. Back then, Margaret was a freshman in the college, while he was a senior. They wen their separate ways. freshman in the college, while he was a senior. They want their separate ways. In 2012, the journalist shifted to Washington D.C. from New York City where she reconnected with her now-husband. Well, this time as well they met by chance! In early 2013, they ran into each other. The lawyer was waiting for his bus while the lady was walking her dog. They began dating in the summer of 2013. They walked down the aisle in April 2015 at the Decatur House, Washington, D.C.

The couple welcomed their first child, son on September 11, 2018.

Is Margaret Brennan Pregnant Again? Expecting Baby No. 2?

There isn’t any authentic source claiming when the rumors of Brennan’s pregnant surfaced on the web. So far, there isn’t any confirmation from Margaret and her husband Yado regarding her pregnancy. Moreover, the lovely couple welcomed their first child in September 2019. In fact, it’s too early for the couple to think of a second baby now. Their first child is only a year old.

Managing her time in between her profession, child and family must be a tough thing for the couple. In the midst, there’s no way they would be giving having a second baby a thought. Well, not for now.